[Archive] Dino's Mantic Abyssal Dwarves


Hello all you evil dwarf people. I have returned with another log and this time I think think this will actually do better then my pervious one. So here is what I have so far, but before I show pics please understand I don’t have the miniature i’m painting in this post.

Great Weapon Black Souls

Hand Weapon and shield Black Souls

All of these guys are very w.i.p. right now. I plan on doing some very interesting conversion work using chaos warrior bits and gs. All will be revealed in time.

Reminder: The figure i’m painting for the mantic compition is not shown in these pictures.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Looks good (:

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Ah, mantic stuff… Should be good, looking forward to see this blog/army grow! :slight_smile:

Most of your stuff is kinda “bright” in the colours that you use, which will be used here?


Hay for the mantic stuff! :wink:


@Borador: Thx man.

@tjub: Thx man. I will actually be trying a darker scheme with this. You’ll see in time.

@nirtoglysarine: Thx man.

Well i’m back with another update. It’s mainly some GS work but I thin you guys may like what you see.

Hand weapon Sheild black souls

Command Group

Two Black Souls with great weapons

So far so good. Just need to round up some skull bits, get some skulls, and a few more chaos warrior bits and They will be ready to paint. I was only able to finish the great weapon black souls becouse I ran out of the spikey bits on there backs.

Well thats all for now. Will be painting the evil mutant throwing mastifs next. Also thinking about getting the new finecast great taurus ond doing some conversions with the lord when ever I get him. Otherwise it will be for storm of magic. We will see.


Tonight I will be doing my first wensday artcast at 8pm cnetral time. Will be doing some drawing first and painting miniatures later on. Will be taking commissions tonight as well. Hope to see you all there.