[Archive] Discoking's WIP K'daai Destroyer


Yeah another thread,

but I wanted to show off my first ever go at “sculpting” fire.

Let me know what you think, good or bad! :hat off


Looks a little bit grassy ( not just because they’re green)

I’d possibly add in some larger flame licks, you would probably need to put a pin armature in for them, then build them up and tease them out from a greenstuff cone. when they are dry you could add some smaller licks coming from them as suitable- at the moment it just looks like fur as it’s too even and too often.


Try to use some photo inspiration, these are the sorts of shapes i mean when i say it would look good with some larger flame areas with smaller ones growing from them


Cheers for the reply/the advice!

So you recommend a paperclip/wire with Green Stuff “coned” on to it;

(fat on the bottom, thinner on the top), with the same technique for flickering flame licks?

Cheers for that, my girlfriend admittedly has no imagination;

& cannot see pass the colour "why is there grass on the cow?"

To which I replied, “Well, you are what you eat!”.

I’m here all week :hat off


Fattdex’s advice seems solid. All I can add is that fire is chaotic in nature and your sculpting should reflect that by not being too rigid. The part on his head till above his shoulders looks best by the way, while the fire on his back needs more work.

I can’t really tell for sure how you’ve done your sculpting, but when I sculpt flames, I simply put down a blob of greenstuff and start pulling it apart with a pair of tweezers. It seems to work pretty well.

The bull itself is from Schleich, isn’t it?


Tweezers, nice one - i’ll try that out when I get home from work.

(Work on a Saturday!)

I’ve been putting a blob down, jabbing it a load of times;

Then “pulling” / “tearing” in to the form you see above.

Yeah, I got the bull from Papo, for like £6.00;

(just search “Texan Bull Toy” in eBay).

Is the fire OK starting from the head & ending just before the base of the tail?

Keep the advice coming! :slight_smile:

(1. for my GS knowledge, 2. I’m bored in work!)


Great selection with the bull!! I think their stock is going to go up this year due to K’daii conversions.


green stuff work looks EXCELLENT!


green stuff work looks EXCELLENT!

Thanks friend!
This is literally the first time I've used green stuff
(other than gap filling) x.x


Here’s the work I’ve done since I got home…

& a close up of the tail: