[Archive] Discussion of the new lores


So, we have 4 lores from RH, let’s see how they are shaping up in 8th:

Lore of Fire

Special Bonus: Kindflame. If the enemy suffered a wound from a fire lore spell earlier this magic phase, the casting costs of Lore of Fire spells on the same target is lowered by d3. Does NOT stack. All spells from Lore of Fire cause flaming attacks.

Basic Spell: Fireball: Magic Missile

D6 S4 hits 24" range

2D6 S5 hits 36" range

3D6 S6 hits 48" range

1. Cascading Fire Cloak: Remains in Play, Caster and Unit Buff. At the end of each magic phase, any enemy unit in contact with the caster and his unit suffers 2d6 hits S4.

2. Flaming Sword of Rhuin: Unit Buff. 24" range. Grants +1 to wound and magical flaming attacks.

3. The Burning Head: Direct damage. Draw 18" line from the caster in any direction within the 90 degree arc of sight. Each model touched by the line (determine who’s hit like you would do with a cannon ball) suffers a S4 flaming hit. All units that take at least 1 casualty have to take a panic test.

4. Piercing Bolts of Burning: Magic Missile. 24" range. Targeted unit suffers D3 S4 hits for each rank of 5 or more models. The scaled up version is 36" range.

5. Fulminating Flame Cage: Hex. 24" range. Targeted enemy unit suffers D6 S4 hits. If the unit moves by any means, each model suffers another S4 hit and the spell ends. The scaled up version has an increased range.

6. Flame Storm: Magical Vortex. Place the small template within 30" of the caster, It then scatters D6" and causes str 4 hits. The scaled up version uses the large template but scatters 2d6".

Lore of Death

Special Bonus: Life leeching. For each casualty caused by lore of death spells, roll a D6. On a roll of 5+ you are granted an additional power dice.

Basic Spell: Spirit Leech. Direct damage, 12" range. Nominate a model. Caster and Target roll 1D6 and add their unmodified leadership. For each point the caster’s result exceeds the targets result it suffers 1 wound with no armour save allowed. The scaled up version has an increased range.

1: Aspect of the dreadknight. Unit Buff, 24 " range. Targeted unit causes fear. Caster may decide to make it cause Terror for a higher casting value.

2: Caress of Laniph. Direct damage, 12" range. Nominate 1 target model. Roll 2D6 and subtract the target’s Strength. The result equals the number of hits the target takes, wounding on 4+ and ignoring armour saves. The scaled up version is range 24".

3: Soulblight. Hex, 24 " range. Targeted unit suffers a -1 strength and toughness. The scaled up version is ALL enemy units within 24". Lasts 1 turn.

4: Doom and darkness. Hex. Remains in play, 24 " range. Targetted unit suffers -3 Leadership. The scaled up version is 48" range.

5: Fate of Bjuna. Direct damage, 12" range. Nominate 1 model. Roll 2D6 and substract the target’s toughness. The result equals the number of hits the target suffers, wounding on 2+ and ignoring Armour saves. Should the target survive, it suffers stupidity for the rest of the game.

6: The Purple Sun of Xereus. Magical Vortex, Remains in Play. Place the small template in base contact with the caster and roll the artillery dice. Multiply result by 3. The result is the number of inches the template moves. Each model touched by the template, except for the wizard himself, has to pass an Initiative test or is removed from play. No saves are allowed. If you roll a misfire, place the template above the caster himself, roll a scatter dice and 1D6. The result is the number of inches the template is moved away from the caster.

The template moves at the end of each following magic phase, roll the artillery dice and a scatter dice to determine direction and range. If you roll a misfire the template is removed. The scaled up version uses the 5 " template instead.

Lore of Metal

Special Bonus: Metalshifting. Direct damage spells from the lore of metal have no strength value. Instead the unmodified armour save of the target is the required roll to wound.

Basic Spell Searing Doom: Magic Missile. D6 flaming hits, 24" range. No armor saves allowed. Increased to 2D6 at next level.

1. Plague of Rust: Hex. 24" range. Target gets permanent, cumulative -1 to armour saves, 48" range scaled up.

2. Enchanted Blades of Aiban: Unit Buff range 24". One unit gets +1 to hit and armour piercing magical attacks until start of next turn. Applies to both shooting and close combat. Can be extended to 48" range scaled up.

3. Glittering Robe: Unit Buff range 12", one unit is affected, can be expanded to all units within 12" at higher level. Unit gains a 5+ Scaly Skin save for one turn.

4. Gehenna’s Golden Hounds: Direct damage, range 12" which can be extended to 24" scaled up. A single enemy model (can be a character) suffers D6 hits. Characters can use “Look Out Sir!” to save them, rolling once for each hit.

5. Transmutation of Lead: Hex with a range of 24. Target gets -1 WS, BS and armour save for one turn. Range 48" scaled up.

6. Final Transmutation: Direct Damage. 18" range. The target is turned to gold; each model in the unit is removed from play on a 5+ (6+ if the model has multiple wounds). The secondary effect forces all units within 12" of the original target to test for stupidity at the start of their turn. 26" range scaled up.

Lore of Shadow

Special Bonus: Smoke and mirrors. After the wizard successfully casts a spell, he may switch places with another friendly character of the same unit type within 18".

Basic Spell: Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma: Pick one enemy unit within 18 inches. Reduce one of their WS, BS , I or M of your choice by D3. The scaled up version reduces all of the above (roll the D3 only once).

1. Steed of Shadows: Character buff. One friendly character within 12" can make a flying move as if in the remaining moves phase (I presume this means no charges).

2. Enfeebling Foe: Hex. Pick an enemy unit within 18" (powered up at +3 to cast 36") reduce their Strength by D3. Remains In Play.

3. Withering: Hex. As above but T rather than S and 3 higher to cast.

4. Penumbral Pendulum: Direct Damage. Draw a line 6D6" from the caster (multiplied by 2 for the powered up version) everyone touched by it must pass an I test or suffer a S10 hit D3 wounds.

5. Pit of Shades: Magical Vortex. Place a small template within 18" of the caster then scatter D6". Enemies must pass an I test or be removed from play if touched. The scaled up version uses the large template and scatters 2D6" (possibly with 36" range)

6. Okkam’s Mindrazor: Unit Buff. Pick a friendly unit within 18", they attack with their Ld amount for their Strength. The scaled up version has a 36" range.


I’ve always liked the Lore of Death, and it looks great still. I’m really liking it! The base spell can be nasty from out casters, considering we have a high leadership. Could be a great way to eliminate hero level vampires, as we have just enough of an advantage that we’ll be killing them if the rolls are the same or we roll better!


The third spell on the Lord of Metal could just as easily be used as a buff for some troops, I wonder if it will have the phrase “may be cast on enemy models”. Seeing a block of T5 Hobbos with a 3+ armour save causing havoc on the gaming table would be very amusing! Then again a block of T5 Black Guard might not be so amusing…


I like the law of death allot. I think that that magic is being changed so that magic is most use full at supporting other unites other than just being shooting with no rolls to hit.


Added the lore of shadow.


Thsi looks very cool, i cant wait to get my hands on the new rules and start playing :slight_smile:

Border Reiver:

Lore of Metal is very nasty against Chaos Warriors, especially chosen. Just sayin’


The thing I like is that a lot of the magic is obviously designed to support your combat troops.


I’ve updated this with the lore of metal, and updated some of the others with what I believe are the english names.  It’s been very confusing actually, as people have told me the translated versions of all the names as well without making it clear what language they were from…

Thommy H:

Okkam’s Mindrazor = win for Chaos Dwarfs.

Border Reiver:

Not only that spell, but Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma is a real assist to CDs reducing enemy I - who knows we might even get to go first.

Lore of Shadow has a lot of potential there with lots of spells to use to degrade enemy unit performances, even if there are few direct damage spells.