[Archive] Dncswlf's First Tournament Chaos Dwarves vs ALL! PICS ADDED


Ok, so I took some pics, which I’ll upload later, but I wanted to get this out while it is still fresh in my mind.  I played for a charity tournament (Raising money for cancer research) and this was my first tournament.  I used the Indy GT list with 2245 points worth of Chaos Dwarves.  First of all, out of 20 players, I was the only dwarf force of any kind… no non-evil-stunties showed at all!  My collection certainly generated some interest from most of the players.  Not many even knew that Chaos Dwarves existed at all!  So it was pretty fun to spread the good word on the evil little guys.  For the most part it was a pretty heavy chaos oriented showing.  Three Warriors of Chaos Armies, 2 or 3 Demons of Chaos, 3 skaven, 1 Orc and Goblin, 1 Vampire Count, and 2 Beastmen, 2 Dark Elf and 1 Lizardmen  army.  There were 2 Brettonian, and 1 wood elf army… and then of course Chaos Dwarves!!!

We played Australian rules… so weighted points per game depending on how badly you were trounced… or won…

I faced a Brettonian Army my first battle… and was totally creamed.  FIrst of all, I forgot about my daemonsmith’s bound weapon entirely, until about the 3rd or 4th round…  and the Banner of Zharr Nagrund with the ward save on my largest unit, which was hit by Grail knights and Knights Errant, and could have held their ground if I had only remembered!  It wasn’t a total loss though: I scored 3 points (to my opponents 17…)  I made some errors with where I set my Kolossus, and had horrible artillery rolls (which would acrry through the other two games as well…)  And my opponent scored three direct hits with his trebuchet, destroying two of my demon eaters before they even did anything, and also destroying the Kolossus!

Game 2 I faced Beastmen.  WHich was a really fun game, but we did not get to play many turns.  He killed my Sorcerer with his Gorgon and destroyed 1 Demon Eater with a unit of Minotaurs…  that was it… which gave him 580 points!  I killed three units of Ungors, 2 units of Warhouunds, some Minotaurs, and was lining up to really bring the pain when the game was called… so I ended up loosing by 313 points.  Which ended with an 11 - 9 loose for me… so close!

Game three I faced Orcs and Goblins…  an Army I’m very familiar with having played it for many years my self.  This was an excellent game, we both had a lot of fun… there were some really amazing saves… and really disappointing losses… mostly by my opponent…  He killed my Sorcerer with a Night Goblin Fanatic, and managed to break one of my demoneaters, and destroy my death rocket… scoring him 625 points (the crew was left from the death rocket).  By the end of turn 6, he had 12 orcs left on the field!  I won by 2148 points giving me a solid 20 - 0 win!  many slaves were taken away from this battle!!!  muahahahahah…  

This was the first time I used many of the pieces (the Kolossus, Death rocket, Annihilators, and I used the mortar as an Earth Shaker, so It was my first go with that as well)  all in all, I’d say I like the list, though I do want to play it some more… my Blunderbusses took out huge masses of nightgoblins… (even though I totally forgot to increase their Str for rank bonus!)  And I think I know how to use the demon eaters now (use em all together instead of independently!)  My artillery, while fun as they rampaged toward the enemy in a demon frenzy… did NOTHING all three games…  I accurately guessed all my ranges within an inch or two… but always deviated, or misfired!!  (and now that I think of it, the death rocket doesn’t deviate in the Indy rules does it… ooops!)  In all three games both my Death Rocket and Earthshaker killed a total of 1 errant knight, 2 warhounds, and 1 goblin wolf rider!!!  they actually did more damage when they got into hand to hand combat!!  ha!

Many lessons learned this tournament: first of all: know your own rules ha!

As I said, I’ll post some pics later!

Da Crusha:

that sounds like you had lots of fun. too bad you forgot so many of your own rules, they could have helped. well congratulations on your victory against the Orcs and gobbos, more slaves for the mines:hat! lets see those pics!


Yeah it may have made some difference in the first battle… not in the other two really… but yes, I really had fun… and so did everyone I played against. They were all very excited to be facing Chaos Dwarves. None of my opponents had ever faced them before. And having my war machines rampage, and fight back in close combat was a surprise every time! (Even though I told them about it before each game!) Definitely want to get some more games in now! There were several players from a local gaming club who were very interested in getting me to play… I just have to find the time lol!

Da Crusha:

thats good. you were lucky, the last tournament I went to I played the only 2 guys at the tournament that played with and played against chaos dwarves regularly.


HA! Well, That’s good and bad I suppose… It means that there are more players out there that support the evil stuntie race… but it also meant they knew what they were up against eh… I don’t think anyone at the tournament had seen chaos dwarves in a few years! The first guy I played had played against a 4th edition big hat army several years ago…


well thats not a bas score for a first tournament. play some more games to know your rules a bit better and you’ll do wonders next time (:


yeah, I was pretty pleased really… and had fun!

the rules bit bothers me, as I even typed everything out into nice concise army lists… with all details, RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME!!! I just got caught up in setting up and playing! ha! yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to some more games!!! I think I’ll be facing skaven next! filthy rat creatures… I hope they make good slaves muahahah!


First Battle: Chaos Dwarves vs Brettonian  (I think my main mistake was putting my Kolossus to hold my left flank, it defeated a unit of knights errant, hit a unit of footsoldiers with its’ demon phlegm causing 1 wound, and forcing the unit to rout!  But I think it would have done more in the center!  This pic is a little out of focus, I’m waiting for some more pics to be emailed to me… I’ll post those shortly!

Here the only tenderizer to see action prepares to battle a unit of knights errant… which it totally destroyed - even after it was charged! (In the end I defeated 3 of his 5 cavalry units!)

In the background you can see one of his units of pegasus knights charging my deathrocket!  which tied them up for 3 rounds of combat!

I didn’t take any pics during the beastmen game, but here is his jabberwok and gorgon piece.

Chaos Dwarves vs Orcs and Goblins

Putting the Kolossus in the center, with 2 demon eaters for support right nearby really worked out much better!

My battle line in the last game!  THE VICTORS!!!

Da Crusha:

I had no Idea you had so much painted the last time I looked at your blog it you barely had anything painted. looks good man.


Oh, yeah, I started the blog only after I had most of them painted… so that was only detailing the dwarf thunderer conversion to annihilators… most of my pieces I painted before I found the forum. They can all be seen here:




Here are the final pictures from the tourney.  Here is my Kolossus receiving the charge from his Kinghts errant, and then routing them off the field!

Here is a nice whole battle shot, you can see that all of my guys were engaged by at least 1 unit of knights!

and last:  My Deathrocket fighting off one of his units of Pegasus riders


Just wanted to let everyone know I got the final results from the tourney I placed 6th of 18 for best painted army, and 8th overall… If only I hadn’t gotten so hammered by those Brettonian I would have scored much higher… but I’ll take 8th! ha!


congrats man!

I’m proud of you for representing us.