[Archive] Do we have the nemesis crown?

Lord Darkash:

"The greenskinned hordes of Grimgor Ironhide now swarm through every inch of the Great Forest , though they have paid a terrible price in blood for intruding upon areas controlled by the Wood Elves and others. Grimgor’s ambitions continue to be thwarted at almost every turn, though his war chiefs have over recent days reported that the Night Goblin thought to be in possession of the crown has been found. Or rather, what remains of it has been found, scattered across a clearing spattered with the blood of at least a score of other Greenskins. That the crown drove the Goblin mad appears obvious, though who has it now none can say. Grimgor has dispatched his fastest Spider Riders in pursuit of who or what ever may now hold the crown, and he himself follows close behind, even as the forces of the Dwarfs close in on him."

Could the Chaos dwarves have got to the night goblin? No mention this week other than the possibility that we have the crown… …just a thought!