[Archive] Do you need a Sorcerer Prophet in a 1,500 point army?

Wolf :

Hi All,

I’m getting ready for a 1,500 point magic centric tournament this month.

My question is, do you have to take a Sorcerer Prophet in a 1,500 point army list, also even though I may not be required to take a SP, should I?

As a side note; the Tournament gives each player a wizard who can choose any of the eight warhammer magic lore’s, I’ve been thinking of taking the Lore of heavens.

Thoughts? :hat off


I recently played a 1750p game against High Elves. I decides not to bring a prophet, going with two lvl 2 daemonsmiths. One with death and one with fire.

My opponent had a lvl 4 with book of hoeth.

I didn’t get a single spell through in 6 rounds. Not one!

So in a magic focused tournament I would suck it up and bring a prophet. Otherwise you’ll be outmatched in the arcane.

I would use Lore of Hashut. Good all around lore. Ash Storm can easily win games with 1500 points. Must players will bring a large “win unit” and put the mage in their. Ash storm will shot both down.

You’ll also get good damage and a sniper spell.

Bring the chalice and earthing rod. And the lichbone pennant.

Due to the hifh amount of points spend on prophet. Bring some hobgoblins, so you wont lack too many bodies.


I would definitely go with a prophet

If you chose not to do that, you should prioritize Standard of Discipline (15 points) on the unit where your general is in, so your Ld9 inspiring presence will be turned to Ld10 as per the latest Basic Rule Book FAQ


I’d argue a prophet is not necessary in such a small points value. Sure, magical dominance could be nice, but a level 2 daemonsmith of whatever is best suited for your army, plus the chalice to alter the magic phases all game should be enough to suffice such a small points value. Points could be better spent elsewhere, I feel, at this points value. 6 dice a spell if you really need something.

Fire could be glorious at this points value. Use it to blast away at smaller units, a destroyer and war machine or something similar to smash apart units boostedest fireball cannot kill, a large numbers of gobbos to pin down death stars that contain items that stop K’daii in their tracks


I don’t even use one at 2400. Two Daemonsmiths, one on Metal, one on Fire cover most requirements. I consider them to be more guns - they 6 dice their spells as much as possible until they die or I win, or both).

The Prophet is ridiculously expensive for what he does. I find he either blows himself up to get something off (because no one lets off Ash Storm or Flames unless you Irresistible and his other spells are guff), gives away a ton of points when he dies or he just does nothing. Two Daemonsmiths gives two lores, two re-rolls on artillery, two arcane slots and spreads the risks, plus they are expendable and actually fight better as they always have the +1Str weapons. Much better overall imo.

So this thread contains the full spectrum of views :hat off

Wolf :

Thanks y’all for the feedback,

I’m thinking of running the following; let me know what you  y’all think.  


Level 2 wizard
Charmed shield
Ruby ring of ruin
Ironcurse icon
Lore of Metal


Great weapon
Blackshard armor
Crown of command
Opal amulet


28 infernal guard
Deathmask with pistol
Standard bearer -gleaming pennant


6 K’Daai Fireborn

3 Bull Centaurs
Great weapons
Standard bearer - Standard of Discipline



You also get a free level 3 wizard who can choose any of the 8 Lore’s in the Warhammer book.

I’m thinking of running either Lore of Heavens or Lore of Light?  Suggestions on all of the above?



Wolf :

Oh and all the models I have available which are fully painted.

1 Sorcerer Prophet on Bale Taurus
2 Sorcerer Prophets on foot

2 Deamonsmiths
1 Dark Castellan BSB
1 Dark Castellan

2 Tar’ruks
2 Kharn Wolf riders

39 Infernal Guard with FireGlaives with full command
48 Infernal Guard with hand weapons and shields with full command
40 hobgoblins with Bows 2 sets of full command

2 Iron Daemons
3 Magma Cannons
1 Deathshrieker Rocket
3 Bull Centaurs
6 K’Daai Fireborn

1 Hellcannon
1 Dreadquake Mortar
5 Hobgoblin Wolf riders