[Archive] Do you think I could make a Colossus from a Mumak?

Glimpse the Void:

What would you guys think if I told you I am entertaining the idea of converting the LOTR Mumak (gigantic elephant) into a Collosus tower?  I’d a lot of spikes, chains and rework the carriage on top so it looked like it was made of iron plates.

I can just picture a lot of happy Annihilators up there, and a Priest with line of sight to whatever he pleased, and a 18 inch inspiring presence.


I’d give it a go for sure, are you planning to mechanise it? or just go for the covered in armour route?

Glimpse the Void:

This didn’t occur to me, but it’s a cool idea. I bet parts from the 40k defiler and sentinel would go a long way.



If you’re adding all those other parts, perhaps you don’t need to use the Mumak at all…


I would like to see this. Drawing some concept sketches of what it would look like, would certainly help you visualise your ideas. Maybe you can post your sketches here for all of us to see. I am liking the idea.

Glimpse the Void:

::insert evil laugh here::

@ZOBO: Of course you wouldn’t NEED to use the mumak, but we would use it because of it’s high level of badassitude.


Just thinking that if you were going to ‘mech’ it up a bit, you could avoid spending the (close to) hundred bucks on the mumak.

Glimpse the Void:

Yeah, that price tag is monstrous. It will probably be a long time before I could give this a whirl. I’ll be keeping my eye on ebay all the same though.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I don’t think it’s worthwile… you would have to essentially rework everything about the mûmak… it’s a big elephant after all. I don’t see Chaos Dwarfs using large elephants, no matter if they’re organic or mechanic.

Glimpse the Void:

Heres a quick and dirty.  I couldn’t do very much about the scale, as I don’t have the models in front of me to compare. I wanted the carriage to resemble the naval ironclads.

This would be horribly expensive…


I think it would look pretty cool! Check these out - they may help you with the look of your howdah…



Glimpse the Void:

Thanks for the links, I hadn’t seen those models before, they are pimp.

Waste Rider:

hehehe :smiley: The little CDs with Blunderbuss in your sketch makes me happy. This project looks very interesting and the “ironclad” howdah design would be sick, some sort of giant emblem on the thing’s face plate is in order. Best of luck, GTV.


Recently bought a “mini” squiggoth and mumak off eBay which I’ll also atempt to convert for my dwarf “caravan”.

Different idea here though :slight_smile:


its a cool idea and nice looking concept,but imo it wouldnt fit the cd


I think it could work , could be a like beast from the east of the warhammer world that the cd have traded for and are turning it in some thing really nasty


I think that Chaos Dwarves would use them personally. I think it would look really cool.