[Archive] Does anyone have the FAQs pdf for the 7th Ed Indy GT army list?


Hi folks, does anyone have the FAQs pdf for the 7th Ed Indy GT army list? Or know of someone else to ask for it?

A fellow member of ours is on a long search dig, but cannot find it. Neither can I.

Thanks in advance!


I’ll have a look on my computer (it is at work) tomorrow


Thanks Admiral. It is me the fellow evil midget whos searching for them. Unfortunately, Warmonger forum seems to be down. And i cannot find them anywhere else. I need the 7th ED Faqs if there was any. Not the ones for the leap onto 8th ED. Thank you for everyone who can provide them!!


Still nothing?

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So, I don’t think I can provide anything you guys haven’t already tried. You’re talking about this army book by Kevin Coleman, right?

I do have this boook lying around, but you’re looking for an FAQ for it, right? Wouldn’t the author have it? Or am I misunderstanding something here?


Sorry! I had downloaded the Armybook (I mean at least) but not any FAQs … :frowning:



Sorry from me too sadly. Looks like I have saved everything but.


My peers in darkness

I’ve searched Matt Birdoff on facebook and think i found him. I want to contact him to ask for them to him. If he can provide them i’ll maybe repost them here so, if anyone wants to use the books with all the faqs for 7th ED he can!


Good going! Please share them here. :slight_smile: