[Archive] Does anyone play as Dwarfs with their Chaos Dwarf Army?


I am curious if any of you play as regular dwarfs with your chaos dwarfed up models, so do you?

I am considered jazzing up a batch of regular old dwarfs with a Khorne theme in appearance, I think it would be fun to do.  Wondering if any of you have done something similar or have put any thought into it?

If this is blasphemy, I apologize and will make amends in slaves.

If you have done this, what chaos models do you say count as what dwarf models?


I’m sure this wouldn’t be an issue, I’ve seen Dark Elves played as high elves.


I’ve thought about it (even purchased the dwarf army book to consider it) but decided against it. Too much modelling would be required to make chaos dwarfs work as the various dwarf units, imo… and most of the fun stuff has nothing that correlates to it in the dwarf book (hobgoblins, bull centaurs, k’daii / Destroyer, taurus, lamassu, iron daemon…).


there are a few very good examples of stunning vanilla dwarf armies with chaos dwarf models.

I personally started my CD army cos I bought a vanilla dwarfa amy 2nd hand and it had a few chaos dwarfs in it, I used then as characters and champions and fell in love with the models (:


I do, I stripped to upper torso so nothing of the stock body was left except the left arm on four of each the hand gunners and warriors bits and three of the ones without arms. Then I sculpted armour, a beard, and helm on each, followed by scale mail on four of the lower bodies so all that showed of the original was their feet. Made a mold and now I pump out copies when I want to add to the army I buy bits only on ebay shields, weapons (close combat or ranged). By doing this I now have 50+ armed with GW, 50+ armed with HW+S, 50+ with FG, and 50+ with BB I am one of those players who would rather have the ability to field anything I want rather than proxy and by doing this I paid $100 for the dwarf battle force, $75 for a mold kit so for $175 I made over 150 dwarves.


I Play my CD army as “normal” dwarves, they were bought, build & converted for that purpose and to help me learn the rules of WHFB.

Most models are from the skull pass box set, some mantic dwarves and some regular dwarves as characters. There should be a thread about them somewhere on the Forum…

Kera foehunter:

lol i have pimped out dwarfs chaos dwarfs and pirate dwarf and they can be interchange to be used as aether or all the above :slight_smile: blasphemy is my middle name and if i feal that bad I play my dwarf slayers cover all corner sweetie


I used to use my CDs as regular Dwarfs in 7th edition. The biggest issue is how you can’t easily represent a lot of Dwarf things because there is no CD equivalent, and so much of your CD army has no Dwarf equivalent (mostly greenskins). There is also the fact that LoA CD models are much higher in points, so a solid 400pt unit is only worth 250pts in your Dwarf army.


I dont. But i know a GW store assistant (he works in the Oxford Street store right now and sometimes runs the Enfield store when the usual manager is off, ask for Steve) who made a Dwarf army using nothing but Forgeworld Chaos Dwarves. It looks really nice, at least when i last saw it!


Our state/ masters competition still will not allow the LOA list even though I can qualify using using my LOA list in the qualifying tournaments so am planning on using my big hats as regular dwarfs.

I queried this and the TO stated the main reason was that as they run the Warhammer and 40k masters on the same day is they let the LoA list in they will be forced to allow forge world 40k lists, rules etc in the 40k masters.

Western Australia is arguably the most conservative political state in Australia including when it comes to warhammer.



Beauty. I appreciate all the responses. I will see about making my army dual compatability then.