[Archive] Does anyone use these miniatures?


Hey guys im thinking of getting my first cds :slight_smile:

I’ve looked around alot but my eyes keep coming back to these awesome miniatures,

theres something about them i really like.



Does anyone have them?

Cheers FF :hat off

Timothy Archer:

yes i use werewoolf mini in all my army . they are my favourite body for a chaos dwarf , im also fond of the shields , the heads are great too . good quality except if you buy the command group , its full of miscast and too fragile .

edit : the sparabas are cool , as for the pyrobaras : the shotgun looks too futuristic and they are smaller


Thanks for the tips Timothy, good too know :smiley:


Haha! Now you truly are corrupted to the core and deep in the clutches of Hashut, Forgefire. :wink:

I don’t have any of them so can’t share experience, but those Tartaruk Takabaras (trident warriors) are particularly nice. Neat headgear and weapon design which captures that ancient and exotic weird look which suits Chaos Dwarfs fine. On the to-buy list.

Looking forward to see your upcoming warband!


The Werewolf models are some extremely crisp resin sculpts. The hand weapons are a bit too small and thin for my taste. But oterwise the models are real nice.


Yes weapons are a bit slim on the warriors, those will have to be replaced… I agree Admiral i really like the trident warriors they have some of that 80s demonic feel to them. A unique take that really works i think.

Timothy Archer:

yes weapons are almost impossible to use , they are nicely sculpted , but they looks like ceremonials weapons . but i recommand you the Warriors with shields , they come with many amazing shoulder pads ( the other don’t ) , they have the best heads ( other models don’t have such good heads ) and the bodies are perfect for Warriors , nice armour and a lot of détails the other choice are good too but with the shields Warriors everything is almost perfect


If I wasn’t such s Russian Alternative fan boy I would certainly have gone with the hexy dwarves.

I’m not surprised you settled on them at all, they are more realistically proportioned and sort of historicaly inspired looking then all the other ranges (which is certainly a common element they share with your illustrations).


Hehe true Carcearion They are closest to my own vision of chaos dwarfs. �Y~f