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Hi everyone

Silly question : can I still use Regiments of Renown in an army ?

And where can I find the last rules for them ?

Thanks by advance.

Edit : ok, now that a nice hobbit have helped me , another question.

Let’s say I build an army like that :

- Chaos sorcerer lord

- 2 core units of chaos marauders or warriors

-Leopold’s leopard company as a special choice

An allies contingent of chaos dwarf with a hero and an unit of chaos dwarfs warriors.

Is that a “legal” army ? (I could ask the same question with a CD lord, 2 core units of CD and an allies contingent of chaos warriors)

Thanks (again :wink: ) by advance.


The allied contingent rules would require your opponents permission, and some tournaments disallow Dogs of War, but otherwise yes that’s a legal army

The Brain:

If you are playing in a tournament then it is always up to the coordinator. If you are playing a pickup game then refer to the codex. The Dogs of War rules state what armies can take them so as long as you stick to that they you are fine. As for the allied contingent rules I believe they are opponents permission, but if your opponent will not allow you then they are not worth playing anyway. The Dogs of War rules are in the Warhammer Chronicles books or floating around in a PDF on the net. As for the allied contingent rules they may still be on the GW site so check there.


Also for your purusal: www.dogsofwaronline.com


Also for your purusal: www.dogsofwaronline.com

There is a Librarian there with all the lost GW pdfs. :D

Kera foehunter:

Wow I’m gone for a while and everything fall a part .

i hope everything is fixed now