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I require close ups of everything. Thanks in advance! :wink:

Looks pretty sweet from what I can see.


are there still some wips or to the CD have green beards ?


they have curly blue beards like a proper chaos dwarf should!

@Xander: closeups will follow if i can get ahold of a camera.


zooms please !!

Cool army btw


That is quite a horde ya got there! Excellent job on assembling such a massive army.


WOW i love them ^.^

i think you should get some form of a metal (looks like at least 1000pts)


Great stuff Malificant love the blorc/bull centaurs if that is what i see :hat off

I really like the style of boltshooters too lets see some close ups thanks:hat


Their great mate, look even better painted, lets get some close ups though, models like that demand close ups :hat off


that is 2250 points(plus an extra 94 point hobgoblin of doom!) right there. will be bringing this jewel to adepticon on the 12th.

closeups will come, i promise.

@Canix: those are indeed my blorc/boar centaurs. i know i stole alot of peeps ideas, so feel free to cry THEIF! and point out what is your idea.

blorc centaurs are all me though so :sick


Yeah i like the blorc/centuars they look great look pretty formidable too .I thought they were your idea:P


Those BC conversions look interesting, can’t say I like the colour scheme. Some great conversions in there, nice to see the closeups

Kera foehunter:

Kera laughs :Malificant how can you be done. YOUR NEVER TRULY DONE.

but anyway i love your army.


so i take it i dont get my medal until i give you some close-ups for having a finished 2250 army huh xander?

maybe instead of starting a new project with the cthulu army i should invest in a camera…

Ghrask Dragh:

Great stuff Mal’!!

I like the look of your taurus and the jugger death rocket!!

yes invest in a camera :wink: you can’t tease us with all these cool mini’s and not give us anymore.

Really nice army, worth the medal!! :hat off


Hehe, close ups would be rad, but I can see your whole army, so I will award the medal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

close up So we can see you warriors. warriors come out and play ay.


What a cool board of CDs - Well I also would like to see some close up, of your units.

kodos my man - kodos :cheers


The humble crowd demands “Close ups”


Awesome work, it’d be great to get a close up on the centaurs