[Archive] Downfall 2009 Report

Uzkul Werit:

Now, I wasn’t going to write this up due to a lack of good pics. But kudos to Chris Tomlin for them. My placing was 27th, not great but the army wasn’t painted - my own fault!

This is the army I toke:

Lord Vadurr (High Priest): 335PTS

Hand Weapon, Chaos Armour, Arcane Apparatus, Enchanted Shield, Helm of Azgorh, LV4 Upgrade

Zhrakk Ashbeard (Slavemaster): 167pts

Hand Weapon, Chaos Armour, Shield, Battle Standard Bearer, The Black Standard of Zharr Naggrund

Zork Daemonweaver (Daemonsmith): 162pts

Hand Weapon, Daemon Weapon, Chaos Armour, Shield, Two Dispel Scrolls

19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: 221pts

Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Full Command, War Banner

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: 205pts

Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Full Command

18 Chaos Dwarf Annihilators: 216pts

Hand Weapon, Blunderbuss, Heavy Armour

18 Obsidian Guard: 302pts

Hand Weapon, Chaos Armour, Shield, Full Command, Stone Totem of Zhoghar. Champion has the Hexacon of Hashut.

5 Bull Centaurs: 117pts

Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Great Weapon, Great Hoof

2 Hobgoblin Spear Chukkas: 70pts

2 Hobgoblin Spear Chukkas: 70pts

Earthshaker Cannon: 100pts

TOTAL: 1995pts

My first game was against James Darcy and his Tomb Kings. It was different to most Tomb Kings armies - only two small units of chariots, no Skullpult. But it still had two Scorpions (sigh) and a Bone Giant, Skeleton Warriors, Bowmen, Ushabti and the normal King/Priest/Casket set up. Weather rules were in play, with the Rain Lord in effect all game (but not turn six) and extra effects each turn. Mostly, we ended up with Mistress of the Marsh on all game. So not much actually happened. Our infantry got nowhere and my Fire magic did little (once again, shoud have read the rulespack!). Only one combat of note between the King leading a chariot trio and a block of Chaos Dwarf Warriors. I managed to get the charge on them but did nothing. They were pinned inplace long enough for a Scorpion to finish them off, after he got the war machines. Highlight was a Scorpion misfiring on its tunneling, so I placed it in the corner furthest away from my war machines. End result was a draw.

Next scenario nullified ward saves (making my Immortals a little vulnerable) and Drain Magic was in effect, knocking my magic back a shade. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a Daemon army (someone wanting to play Daemons! Crazy!) so I could kill a Thrister but I got Chris Tomlin’s Dark Elves. I had seen the army before (very nice too) and it was your typical avoidance bulid mostly. Two units of Harpies, Shades, three Dark Riders, Hydra, Cold One Riders, two Bolt Throwers, three Mages and the suprise unit - Corsairs! The game was a non event, with the Dark Elf army coming down one flank and picking off the softer stuff. It was to be expected as there was no real way for him to touch the Dwarf blocks. In retrospect, I should have placed everything in the oppisite corner behind a hill. I did shave a few wounds off the Hydra, before bagging it with the Immortals. Loss for me but a cracking game anyway.

Last scenario of Saturday involved collecting objectives (so yes, I was boned). One in the middle, one on each flank and one in eachdeployment zone. I played Lizardmen (Ben Cushion, I think), who had a bucket full of Skinks, two units of Saurus Cav, three Salamanders, four Terradons, an Engine of the Gods and an Oldblood on Carnosaur. I boxed everything into the middle of the board, sitting on one objective and hoping to push through the Lizards onto the centre objectives. Terradons were on his right flank and Salamanders on the right flank. Everything else was in the middle with the Skinks deployed at the front. In short, I was swept. He got all the objectives. I relied too much on the Immortals to take the charge of the Carnosaur and Cavlary, who couldn’t pass any saves at all. Yup - I lost.

The sunday was muchhh better and just like Carnage, I played the same race TWICE again. Tahis time it was Empire, with the first army being led by Mark Saunders. He had a War Altar (carrying the Mace of Helstrom), a mounted Captain with the Power Sword, a mounted Wizard (with Sword of Might and the Mirror. Very interesting bulid as you’d think it was on the Altar!), ten Handgunners, some Flagellants, a Mortar, a Priest, ten Huntsmen, five Pistiolers and two units of 12 Knights! It was a breakthrough mission. The defender (me, which was perfect) had a six inch deployment zone and the attacker deploying 24 inches away in a boxed area (can’t remember the extra measurements). Terrain worked in my favour because two rocky bits of terrain protected the flanks of my blocks. They sat right on the board edge between these two terrain pieces with the Knight trains funneling through them. Because there was nothing on his flanks due to his crammed deployment, my war machines were deployed wide for good shots. I managed to break the Power Sword on the Captain on turn one with Law of Gold, with the Earthshaker taking off a few Knights too. They were in combat by turn two with a few Knights knocked off each unit from the shooting. One unit came in before the other as the Shaker slowed them down. They bounced off my Immortals, allowing a counter charge by me on the otyher unit, which now had very few guys left. The War Alter busied itself with the unit of Warriors not going after the Knights. The crazies cornered the Bull Centaurs, ripped them up and then swept up the Blunderbussmen and another unit. Biggest suprise was the Wizard opening some pain on the Immortal champion, due to his magic items. Game ended in a draw as one unit of Knights managed to rally as one of my Warror blocks kept running.

Final game was against Scott Lines Empire. Scenario was a normal pitched battle but the lower ranked player (me, in this case) had the battle standard effect on his whole army. As I had one anyway, this only really helped the Bolt Throwers (who were pure gold in this game) deal with chaff. The Empire had a Wizard (who was in a unit behind a detachment, so his magic did little), a Warrior Priest, a War Altar with the Mace, two units of Knights (five strong, naked), two units of five Pistollers, a Cannon, a Steam Tank, a block of Swordsmen, a block of Greatswords and a few random detachments. Terrain was rather open, being his Tank spent most of the game hidden in his deployment zone behind some rocks. The infantry toke the centre with a unit of fast cav and Knights on each flank. I accidently deployed my infantry oppisite his, leaving my war machines on a hill on my right flank all alone and facing some mounted units. First aim was to get these dead, which with the help of a Bull Centaur charge, I accomplished. Now they were free to oppress the Tank. It emerged from its cover on turn four and pretty quickly, got Bolt Throwered down to four wounds. Whilst the damage they dealt was important, it was the fear factor that they created which helped the most. If that Tank had been running around causing hell, I’d be in trouble. The infantry collided in the centre, smashing each other up. Combats went either in my way or resulted in stalemates. A minor victory (eight points off a solid victory!) for me.

So that was Downfall. Not the best result but I didn’t have the daemonic crutch!