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I�?Tll quote his bit first:

DP Gaming will open on 1st September. DP Gaming hope to be your favourite supplier of wargaming supplies in the UK. We will be adding new ranges and products in the future and are working on a few other exciting projects too :wink:

We are committed to customer service and will aim to give quick delivery and always respond to your emails (one of the main reasons behind the idea of opening our own store in the first place!).

We WILL be stocking the new Island of Blood Box and the stock levels will be magically updated in the wee small hours of the 1st September by some kind of arcane magiks (well me working late… or indeed early, whichever way you look at it!). We’ll also be breaking down a few dozen sets to feed the craving for those of you that only want certain items from the set, if you check out the Warhammer Bits. section you’ll find these items listed within.

We will be offering a permanent 10% discount on GW RRP and will also be offering periodic promotions and specials as well as further discounts!

On top of all this as we are the new kids on the block we want to celebrate the birth of our store by picking at random amongst the first orders over £50 and sending a few free extras with these orders :wink:



What makes this store different to all the other discounters is that it is run by 75Hastings69 (Hastings of Warseer fame).

So all of you who, like me, have really enjoyed his rumour snippets over the years can actually show your appreciation by shopping at his store!  For those who don�?Tt know who Hastings is, the vast majority of all Warhammer rumours originate from Warseer and have been commented on by him.  Lots of 40k rumour snippets as well I�?Tm sure.

He stocks a wide range of Warhammer, WH40k and Hobby supplies.  Including bits from the Island of Blood box set.  It will be expanded at the earliest opportunity to include good quality scenery/basing products.

Pyro Stick:

I dont see how he will be able to compete with Maelstrom Games. They seem to have cornered the market on discount games workshop products and more.


That’s true. I don’t imagine he will compete anywhere near the same level. Infact I know he won’t, because his wife is doing most of the work, and I imagine Maelstrom/ wayland are probably full time businesses for several people.

But still, I’m sure there are smaller players who still survive to make a decent return.


But they are more then willing to ship overseas (already contacted them).

It’s true some discounts won’t be as big as Maelstorm’s… But some might.

Anyway I’m gonna keep an eye on DP.


I imagine Maelstrom/ wayland are probably full time businesses for several people.
Doesn't Rob Lane (of Grand Tournament fame) run Maelstrom? He's on a pretty big pile of money, or so I hear.


How can you have an ambition to be: ‘your favourite supplier of wargaming supplies’ if you don’t want to compete with the big guys?

Think I’ll stick with Maelstrom - offering a full range of miniatures - and free shipping worldwide (orders over £10) - when I occasionally buys GW miniatures (for my son).

Pyro Stick:

when I occasionally buys GW miniatures (for my son).

For your son...sure. lol.


Actually, I mean it :smiley: This year I have only bought these new GW products: AoBR, Ork battleforce and a Battle wagon - all for my son. Can’t remember when I last bought a new GW product for myself - really. Probably Chaos plastic knights when they came out ??.. no - sorry - last new GW product I bought was Queek Headtaker- when he came out last year.

But when I order for my son- I always find some bits and bobs for myself - like AoW’s, paints, brushes or a magazine :wink:


well I’ll be taking a look, Hastings has always seemed a decent dude.

Either his prices will tempt me or they wont…simples!


Im going his way… as I kinda want to do a High Elf list but based on the number of High Elf players locally i wont be getting any of the new box except maybe griffons… His split down of the box is the most fair one i have seen.


thanks for the tip(s). Will be a good place to get the small rule book at that price, when he gets more in.


A special offer from them, sounds like a good deal to me.

Special Xmas Offer!!

To celebrate our first Xmas in business with every purchase over £50 from the Space Marines range we will be including a free miniature of our choice (while stocks last). What better reason is there now than to start building up the Forces of the Emperor?"

We’re having a bit of a xmas giveaway at DP Gaming to celebrate our first xmas in business.


Something cool DP gaming have a 20% sale on for everything currently in stock:

Special Offer!!

To help you build up your armies before the VAT rise and to get some of our exisitng stock moving ready for a new year we are holding a special 20% discount on all items currently held in stock with a flat rate shipping of £2.50 within the UK. This offer is valid on ALL IN STOCK warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 products but EXCLUDES all hobby items (paints, brushes, glues etc.). Whilst this offer is on you will notice the website has changed and is only showing in stock items, this is to help you with your choices during this offer and everything else will return once the offer is over.