[Archive] Dragon Sagas


Here is a blog of an enthusiastic newly reborn Chaos Dwarf fan. Looks like the new Warhammer Forge models inspired him. I came across the blog while looking for reference pics while building my Iron Daemon.


If he is a member here, then he’s going by another name. His CD warriors do look familiar though. Anyway, I couldn’t find a reference on the site here, so I’m posting it.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

That looks like it’s BeeZharr’s blog. His Iron Daemon looked familiar.


Yes, that is indeed my blog. There’s a link to it on the front page on my army blog.

It’s called the Dragon Saga’s as originally was going to be about my Space Marine Chapter - I call them the Hellfire Dragons - and my Tau, which are linked by my own fluff. I commandeered it when the Chaos Dwarf stuff started emerging from Forge World, but hope to get more 40k stuff up there again one day.


I’m so glad you’re painting CD’s in stead of Space marines (:


Well Bolg, i’d say that depends on the flavour of the marines :wink:

Thinking of that…somehow the CDs from Warhammer Forge remind me of shrinked marines…they need big hats or at least some Horns.

BeeZharr’s iron deamon shows impressively that at least the Iron Deamon looks and feels chaosy and demonic, i hope that soon someone will find a way to get this look&feel with the resin dwarves too.