[Archive] Drazhoth the Ashen based lists?


Hey guys!

Now that the Chaos Dwarfs have their own special character we should start brain storming the best way to build lists around Drazhoth the Ashen.

Given he is 5.3 rocket launchers in cost that means the list will need to be at least 2250 or 2500 pts to fit him as a Lord Selection.

My theory is this list should be based on killing characters as quickly as possible. I am assuming Cinderbreath attacks count towards the wizard kill upgrade for Drazhoth. Obviously Drazhoth should target the strongest wizard in the opponents list. Additionally I recommend taking the 2 other strongest/most mobile unit we have available the K’daai Destroyer and a Unit of Bull Centaurs. I further recommend against issues challenges, Instead the goal should be to get into base to base contact and directing attacks.

I would set up for flank denial with Drazhoth in the middle of the deployment zone, then the Destroyer, and finally the BC’s. Then the rest of your firebase in the corner.

1.Given his average charge of 17 inches he should be able to get into base contact with the wizard.

2. Since you will be in close combat hopefully the unit of BC’s is hitting the same unit with the hero in b2b with the general or other character. 3. Also I would charge the K’daai destroyer in as well, Ideally base to base contact with the general/characters as well (ideally a flank so you can get the tricksters shard onto a character on a corner. However not in base contact with the K’daai or Drazhoth.

It would looks like this under ideal circumstances:





HBC=Hero BC BC= Bull Centaur, KD= K’daai destroyer, DtA= Drazhoth, G=general W=Wizard

Obviously if they are all not bunkered together then this attack gets split up.

Given the magic phase is first if you are able to get Ashen storm off onto the wizards unit, I would role 6 dice even an miscast will likely hurt the enemy wizard more. I would then try to get big Hatred off on Drazhoth and the BC’s/K’daai Destroyer.

1. The Destroyer/Cinderbreath will swing first on your side with the special Blazing body S4 hit to the models in base contact(if ashen cloud is in effect these wounds double vs those models but not the unit correct?). Should get 6-10 models in contact.

2. The Destroyer’s 6+d3 attacks at I5 S7 should be targeted to the unit. 3. Cinderbreath 4 attacks (directed at the wizard) and the BC hero’s 4 attacks swing next at I4. Ideally the Hero directs attacks to the character he is in B2B with and kills him with the Black Hammer. Cinderbreath’s Breath weapon may or may not be used here vs the unit. Depending on the amount of wounds you are expecting to cause (if you got ashen storm and or hatred off) If ashen got off I would fire away to maximize the wounds it causes to the unit.

4. Next the BC’s swing at I3 if the character in B2B with the BC hero has survived somehow dump as many attacks into him as possible. Should be able to flex up to 4 off the champion and 6 from the rear rank. The other 6 go into the unit, hopefully the flaming banner does its thing here.

5. finally Drazhoth swings here at I2 with his 3 attacks that wound always on a 4+ hopefully at least 1 wound hits the wizard if he is still alive. if not direct attacks to the unit.

6. Stomps both Cinderbreath @S6 and the K’daai @S7 have D6 thunder stomps that will be flaming. The Hero BC @ S5 and the 2 others at S4.

Now these 3 units are pretty survivable themselves. so they should easily absorb whatever swings back at them. You should win combat with this and if you pursue/cut down I would use Drazhoth and overrun If possible with the other 2 units.

Basically the only way I see a unit surviving this is if they have anti flaming gear on the characters like the Dragon Helm and Dragonbane gem.

The rest of this list would be a flank denial fire base.

Set up the 2 war machines in the corner with the solo wizard behind/between them. Set up the dwarfs 5 wide 7 deep, pick a good spot.

I am open to other core/warmachine choices. However I think this is a good framework to work from using the 3 units described above.

Special Character 2500



Drazhoth the Ashen



Hero: The Hammer Bearer

Bull Centaur Tuar’ruk

Blackshard Armor


Black Hammer of Hashut

The Other Trickster’s Shard

Dark Castellan

Battle Standard Bearer

Armor of Bazherak the Cruel


Daemonsmith Sorcerer

Lvl 1 Lore of Fire


Chaos Dwarf Iron Sworn x35

Full Command


Bull Centaur Rendersx5

Champion/Standard Bearer

Banner of the Eternal Flame

Additional Hand Weapon

Magma Cannonx1

Death Shrieker


K’daai Destroyer


2 units in a 2500pt army? All your opponent has to do is pin you for one turn…and the counter charge will wreck you. If your one plan (go after the wizard) doesn’t work, you lose.


2 units in a 2500pt army?  All your opponent has to do is pin you for one turn....and the counter charge will wreck you.  If your one plan (go after the wizard) doesn't work, you lose.

I agree, Technically its 4 units and 2 warmachines.

The plan is kill the general and wizard on turns 1-2 max.

Its sort of a shoot the moon sort of list.

What do you guys see as the best way to use Drazhoth and Cinderbreath?


I haven’t read the rules for Drazhoth yet, so I can only go from what has been said on here and other forums. My take is that the list you came up with may work as a “shoot for the moon” affair, but in general Drazhoth sounds like your usual ‘coup de grace’ character with some interesting rules. If I were to make a single suggestion to make the list more general, it would be to include Hobgoblins for Drazhoth to ‘work off’. He doesn’t sound uber-killy enough to eat through units, but he seems to deliver enough of a hit to smash a unit that you have already tied up with your massed ranks. If, whilst your getting him into position to finish units, he gets the chance to munch on a wizard, that’s great. But I’m not sure that rule changes the type of character he is.

The major advantage this guy has over other ‘coup de grace’(s) is that he can offer support whilst he manoeuvres into position for his charge. But he still needs ranked blocks to work with, I’d say…especially for that cost, as you need him killing units to make his price back.


I’m running of rumors here, but as far as I can see… 3 words- Storm of Magic. Lv4, +ascendancy (4+?) plus wizard kill (+3) =+11 to cast! The whole game is built around wizard killing and Drazhoth is both tough enough to see of most wizard hunters, and well suited to crushing opposing fulcrum wizards.

Best use of him I can see anyway.

Ugly Green Trog:

Infernal Ironsworn cant be taken as Core either, they are special.


Infernal Ironsworn cant be taken as Core either, they are special.

Ugly Green Trog
you are entirely right, I shall amend my list

Ugly Green Trog:

Infernal Ironsworn cant be taken as Core either, they are special.

Ugly Green Trog
you are entirely right, I shall amend my list

At least the regular IG should work out 100 pts or so cheaper, thats room for another deathshrieker:D