[Archive] Dread Quake Mortar


So I want to make one, dont want to buy the giant one from forge world. My only idea so far is take a hell cannon and use its parts to convert one. So what ideas are out there?


My plan is to use an old earthshaker as I think that is more the size you need. The hellcannon would be too big.


Really? Because theres a whole bunch of toy mortars bu a company called Marx that look about right, but I always thought they would be too small, but they would be about same size as the old one.


Link or it does not exist :wink:

Da Crusha:

well cornixt once said it would fit nicely on a 50mm x 200mm custom base. so my plan was to buy an appropriate train platform that resembles the dreadquake one and then use one of my earthshaker cannons and convert the rest.


I assume the ones Geist refers to are similar to the siege mortars on this page.


Can anyone provide a reference pic/details of comparison between the dreadquake/earthshaker mortars (ie not the carriage etc, just mortar itself)?


Not sure how that’s confusing. Marx is a toy company they have a range of toy mortars, the dread quake is a very costly toy. My conversion idea was at first to use a hell cannon to make a toy mortar. I fail to see how that can confuse one.

As for linkage proof of it being out there.


That is a marx toy mortar, one of them. I am unsure of the size and how it would fit in. Only info I have on size is that one says its a 54mm in scale size.


well cornixt once said it would fit nicely on a 50mm x 200mm custom base.

Da Crusha
I'm not sure I ever said that, not owning one means I can't measure it myself, but it says that in my notes


I actually go past a massive upside down metal bell every day that’s near some large concrete balls. The way it’s all positioned I think it was deliberately done to look like a mortar & shells.

So you could consider that as a real cheap alternative. Pick up a plastic bell christmas decoration, put another tube/plastic cap etc inside and greenstuff to create some thick walls. It would be very cheap, but probably not as effective as that ebay toy.


LMAO? I am going to assume that’s an insult, so you win!

Any way I’ll start again.

Per the FW website pics, the slave ogre stands just a fraction shorter than the barrel of the FW Dreadquake

The hellcannon I thought would be too big. Just the barrel by itself probably not so bad after all.

The earthshaker as a whole is about right but the barrel alone is way to small.

earthshaker, borrowed ogre and hellcannon for comparison



I use this as my dreadquake…