[Archive] Dreadnought rules help


Hey everyone.

Quick question regarding the options available on the dreadnought. It states that the close combat weapon has a built in storm bolter. Then lists options for other weapons that the standard ones can be swapped for. However, if i take the upgrade to have a missile launcher for example, i assume i lose the built in storm bolter. Is this correct?


Should have stated that this is for Grey Knights


If you’re talking about Space Marine dreadnoughts, then you can either change the CCW or the standard Multimelta. I don’t think you can change the CCW for a heavy weapon. You can upgrade the storm bolter to a heavy flamer on the CCW arm, or swap out the Multimelta for any of the HW listed. The Venerable Dreadnought can exchange its default CCW for a twin-linked autocannon or a missile launcher, though.

I think Dark Angel’s dreadnoughts can give up the remaining CCW arm and replace it with a heavy, but I could be wrong or out of date. I remember one of my DA opponent’s having a Twin-linked las-cannon and a missile launcher or something on his dread.

Chaos Space Marine dreadnoughts can have two CCW arms, or give one of them up for a missile launcher.

I think that wraps up what I know about Dreadnoughts.


the dread can swap its CCW for a missle launcher (originally seen on the metal DA dred but now an option across the board) as shown on the standard plastic model (ie not the AOBR one). Yes, swapping the CCW loses the storm bolter or heavy flamer.