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I keep seeing dremel tools mentioned in conversion threads on this and other forums, but I’ve never come across one. Can anyone enlighten me and tell me where I can pick one up cheaply in the UK?

Many thanks


Any hardware store should have one, I saw one at Canadian Tire (no help to you obviously) the other day.

I’ve been considering getting one for quite a while, but have never got around to actually needing one. They can be quite useful for magnetizing 40k pieces.


They are good for cutting most materials, but not good at grinding metal - the metal just gets stuck to the grinding bits. It can heat up the thing you are cutting/grinding pretty quickly too. They are often generically referred to as multi-tools, but that can be confused with lots of other things too.

Da Crusha:

dremel is the company name but the tool is commonly referred to as a rotary tool. I use mine mostly for cutting or drilling pewter models but thats about it. and the model does get hot pretty quickly so I use pliers to hold the piece if possible.


its a multi tool you need. In the UK Wilkinsons do a good one in a hard case with lots of attachments for £20.


Thanks guys, the reason I ask is that I’m curious about just how labour sevaing these things are. I’m in the process of converting night goblins into horrors by turning them into empty robes. for tis I need to grind away the faces and shields on the BfSP models and resculpt the half sleeve that’s missing. If a dremmel speeds up my work considerably then its worth the outlay. I also want to know if it’d be any good for removing metal loincloths, or whether I’m stuck using a file for that type of work


should do it in seconds. Of course you will need the mini held in a vice or you may sand your fingures off.


Cheers dude, definitely worth the investment then, it’ll save me hours of my life


A the trick to a dremel is about using the right bits, the dremel itself doesn’t do anything a drill doesn’t do. It’s having the right bits that is right. So, if you find a local hobby shop or hardware store that carries it, make sure you get all the bits you’ll need. Something like a small ball rotary file attachment should do what you’re looking for with the goblins, and the cutting/sanding disks will work for what you need to sand. A ball rotary file small enough to not entirely obliterate a model isn’t exactly standard kit, so you might want to make sure you can find one as well as the dremel itself.


thanks for the advice dedwrekka, any advice on brands?


Definitely worth the $$$. Best tool in the kit, IMO. And Dremel is THE brand.