[Archive] Drilling out Blunderbuss Barrels


Hi everyone. I have a few requests for a tutorial I see. But before I start on one, I have to tell you something funny.

I logged onto the forums this morning, as I usually do, and I was checking out the new forum posts, and I saw  the topic ‘Drilling out Blunderbuss Barrels’, and I thought it would be a good read. Especially since I posted something similar about a year ago. And then I realised it was my old thread. I was very surprised to see it again. But what is even stranger, is that it is getting more attention the second time around.

I WILL write a tutorial about drilling out these barrels. It is quite simple, except it is quite time intensive. It doesn’t require a dremel, just some drill bits and a hobby knife. I will explain in more details soon.

And lastly AND most importantly, I would like to thank Kera for the slaves.


Good idea, but I rejected this for myself after destroying few test zwerge :frowning:

Maybe tutorial help me :wink:

Lava Lord:

:D  the info will also be appreciated here.  your blunderbusses  look nice.  looking forward to the tutorial.  I have a few dozen to do.  I’ll be watching for the how and with what…:hat off