[Archive] Drilling out Blunderbuss Barrels


One thing that I don’t like about Chaos Dwarfs, is the “blocked” barrels of their blunderbusses. I have noticed that people paint a big black cirlce or star-esque shape on the end of the blunderbuss, but that wasn’t enough.

I have drilled out a few of the blunderbusses, and I think they look great. But I want to know what other Chaos Dwarf Generals think? Is this a good or bad idea.

Da Crusha:

very good idea! I like it alot.


Yup, it looks good and adds that extra bit of relief. Even painting a flat end with complex shading still looks pretty lame. Its always better to get the depth in, IMHO.


Looks great! Much better…

Thommy H:

Yep. The big flat ends always looked stupid.


Much better, might try it out on the six that are coming to me. Can you perhaps post a small tut on how you did it.

Pyro Stick:

I think it looks good as well but as usual im against destroying the original models.


Spot one. Cant actually not understand why they were moulded with a flat end from the start.


Looks much better - more realistic! :hat off

Like it a lot!



Thanks everyone who responded.

I will be posting a tutorial on how I did it. It is fairly easy, but a little time consuming. I will make sure to include as many photos of the process as I can.

@pyrostick, a small part of me feels the same. It was hard to start cutting up the original models. But now with the positive response that I have just received I feel good about it.

Thanks again everyone.


Something I thought about just now, what happened to the tut?

Thought about drilling a small central hole and use that as a guide for a globe like grindstone.


you could also use greenstuff and model some type of flaming shot coming out of the end…


I think it looks good as well but as usual im against destroying the original models.

Pyro Stick
There is a difference between destroying and improving! ;)

Think of it as classic cars, people might put a new radio in them if they are renovating it, or new tyres on so they are up to regualtions (e.g. standards were loads lower then!)



@ RichardC1967: Cool idea :hat off

At least for the firing ones, I could use the ones by Armorcast.

But that would leave the ones not firing.

The Odor:

I am intending to drill mine… When I have time… After I gather the needed diamond beads… And build them… and get all the replacements from forgeworld… Sighs

Yours look great.

Kera foehunter:

Greatest idea ever


Did you use a Dremmel to get the material out of there? Wonder if its worth repainting all my Blunders to get the holes drilled out - they certainly do look much better like that.


Nice idea looks much better.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Always wanted to do this but never really known how. Maybe post in here the basics of how you did it? Also, the reason they were flat ended is becaue of casting tchnology and techniques back then - it wouldn’t have worked, put simply.


Same as HB… I’ve put my Blunderbusses back in their drawer about a year ago, because I’m having a hard time figuring out what to do with the flat end.

An step-by-step guide of how you did it, and what you used would be great… my Dawi would appreciate some close range firesupport on the battlefield :slight_smile: