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Blue in VT:

So…please bear with me…I’ve never even looked into this as an option so I have no idea what I’m talking about…but I would like to replicate some of my old Marauder shields…both for my CDs and my regular dwarfs. What is the best way to go about this? is it possible to replicate detail on that level at home? Without being too expensive?

Any pointers/links would be greatly appreciated.



Da Crusha:

I have been wanting to do this also with my old shields, but haven’t gotten around to it. check this out. you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

CoolMiniOrNot Forums -


I read, that you for some old Chaos Marauders - have MADE YOU OWN SHIELDS and now want to do more :wink: - anything else would be illegal - and can probably not be discussed here.

But as you are looking for a method casting you own shields - the only valid way is silicon rubber and resin.

Search here for resin casting - and you will find a few tutorials - and Xander even did a video about it.

GS is is simply to soft - and the mould won’t last for long.


Yep, as Clam says, the best way is to use a silicon mould. The GS method works too, but doesn’t give the best quality, although that could be ok if the models are very simple in design. As shields are thin though, I wouldn’t use GS, they will likely break apart too easily. You can also mail order Marauder shields from the GW website, if those are appropriate to what you need. It may be simpler and cheaper (particularly when time is taken into account), depending upon how many you need.

Silicone rubber is very easy to use, although it is very messy and will not come out of clothing, carpets etc, so clearance from mum/girlfriend/wife is very wise :wink: You want the Room-temperature-curing type (RTV silicone).

I buy mine from Tiranti, who are UK-based, but I’m sure people on here know suppliers in the US or Europe.

It can also be used for white metal casting of course :slight_smile:


that site is really slow, and fails to load the moulding page.

anyone else have trouble?


No, it’s a nice tutorial.


I had loads of trouble yesterday with tiranti (I just ordered some greenstuff). It worked eventually.

Blue in VT:

:hat off

thanks for the pointers!


I stumbled on Xanders Greenstuff molding vids but didn’t know he had a Resin one as well…I’ll check those out…he is always very clear.

Those Marauder Shields look really nice…but I would like to duplicate some others…maybe mix a few of those in. Are they too large for CDs?




Are they too large for CDs?
I find them just right; if anything the Dwarf shields are too small. My CDs all have them.


I might be wrong but I thought Blue was talking about these shields:

From Marauder Miniatures.

And about size you should just look at the MM90 catalog page for a reference - I think they are perfect :wink:

Blue in VT:


Those are the ones the I would like to have more of…particularly some of the dwarf, goblin, and undead shields (I love the coffin shaped one with the skeleton on it). But I think that Baggronor was just offering the GW Chaos Marauder shields as an easily purchased alternative.

:hat off to both!



Oooooh you meant Marauder shields, as opposed to Marauder shields lol. In which case I can perfectly understand wanting to cast them up as they are a real pain to get hold of and are about a million times better than the current ones.