[Archive] Dwarf automata


Artwork top right.


From the description on the main page, there are 12 foot tall Dwarf automatons.  The big things on wheels with hammer.

An interesting design idea for a CD equivalent I wonder?  I’ve always thought of them having dreadnought/ ogre sized golem creatures on two (or more) legs, but ones on wheels with a steam/ daemon engine makes some sense actually.


it seems as though all new books coming out will have big monstrosities like the dwarf blimp. :wink:


I’d prefer a massive grudge thrower to an automaton for Dwarfs though. Make that model above for CD, ontop of a steam tank and we’re really talking! :smiley:


Sounds and looks great, and I love the idea… although sadly anything that immediately comes to mind pales in comparison to the ‘woah’ moment of seeing that actual image. Worth exploring though!



I believed that it was of the Chaos Dwarfs. :frowning:


That thing looks absolutely fantastic! It reminds me a bit of the Daemon engines from Epic 40.000. To me it looks more like a machine the Chaos Dwarfs would make then regular Dwarfs but who/what stops us from taking the idea and make a Dawi-Zharr version of it! Makes a fitting Kolossus to boot!