[Archive] Dwarf Hammerers


I thought I’d take a pic of these guys to show what can be achieved with no greenstuff. Well, the champion will need a small bit on his beard as I went for the shield arm instead of the one designed for him (holding a helmet).

Much more interesting than the monopose way they were designed.


For comparison. Great work on those miniatures, really dramatic poses. Thanks for the inspiration Grimestonefire.


Looks much better/cooler now. Great job on those poses !!


Awesome stuff Grim!

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For those curious the models are sufficiently lacking details (aside from head and shoulder pads), that they could easily be made to be CD. I’m going to convert one when I eventually get another box to prove the point.


How did you achieve the look of the chap with the hammer raised over him, or would it be obvious if I was to try it?


It’s just moving the arms around (sticking the head down first). The hands all line up pretty perfectly, but best to try and glue everything at once so you can position them before they dry.

Fuggit Khan:

Nice work on the attention to the different poses there, I love units with a big variety of poses…I think GW could sell more of these if they had just simply bothered taking the time and effort with posing them like you did for their artwork/website (although I’m sure GW is still raking in the cash).

I’m glad you posted this because to be honest I am not a fan of these models, one of my original gripes was the monopose of them, but by sharing this with all of us you’ve shown they have quite a bit of potential…thanks :hat off


Previously we’ve had to contend with units being unfeasibly posed in GW photos, now they don’t actually bother showing the variety possible!


Great jon Grim, nice one :slight_smile: