[Archive] Dwarf Kickstarter by Durgin Paint Forge


The Iron Crows and other Dwarves of Kazhuk Izril

Big noses, boars, beards, bulldog, girls and sausages: 28mm dwarf miniatures at their finest, designed for the most exigent modelers!


These ones are very dwarfie. They look good but I can’t see any use for me

Fuggit Khan:

I really like these guys, they have more ‘character’ to them than most other recent ranges in my opinion. Love the bulldog, the beer dealer selling bottles out of his coat and the Guardian of the Path is perfect for “You shall not pass!”

And I think every one of these guys would look fantastic with an added Big Hat :hat off


I like this range, because the miniatures have character, and each miniature a different one, so no copy/paste head for the whole range.

My favorites are sentinel A, veteran, warrior, Sigurd and Hunter. And the extras (bulldog, crow, rune stone) are well executed as well. Oh, and adding bighats looks easy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In general, nice and characterful Dwarfs! The runestone is very well done.