[Archive] Dwarf Miner Plastics Pics (Pics of Sprues!)

Uzkul Werit:

I don’t like those Miners. Far too much like the aeful one piece BFSP Miners.


What aspect of the new Miners to people seem to dislike so much? I think they look pretty good. o.o

Uzkul Werit:

Everything seems so squashed back into the beards. The Miner’s look a little samey too.


With a mixture of 2 ‘single hand weapon’ ones in every 5 (with virtually no converting), or 5 great weapons ones if you want that, I think these could make a good base for CD converting.��It wouldn’t be that hard to make all of them into hw + shield.

Sure the price won’t be as good as BFSP, but with all those bare arms you don’t have to buy any other sprues, and these could be��a hell of a lot more dynamic.

You would need some dwarf shields and some suitable weapon tops though.

So bearing all this in mind, I will be picking up a box when they come out specifically for making into DZ.��Its just a shame they couldn’t have done some in trousers, but that’s too much to ask…

The gobbo in a cage will make a good ‘oathstone’ for a CD hero :idea


I agree fully with Grim. This box will eliminate the need for bare arms from elsewhere. I can’t wait to get a hold of some of these.


I’m more interested in the army box above. Along with the BfSP by my count this gives you 50 blunderbussers, 72 chaos dwarf warrios with a mix of great weapons or hand weapons and shields, 3 artillery pieces w. nine crew, three characters (1CD and 2 hobbos), 60 hobgoblins plus anything you can do with the carts, ponies, troll and those crappy slayers. That equals at least 194 models for a chaos dwarf army for UK�140 which is about as close as you will come with GW to great value! :cheers

(I know this is a little off topic as its supposed to be all about the new miners here but its a fair point none the less) :stuck_out_tongue:


Enjoy! :cheers

The new Black orc boss


New dwarfs




I think the only dwarf of the 3 that might be useable as a CD is the lord on oathstone. The others would need too much work.

Lord Zarkov:

The one with the skull pipe could also work well IMO


Those Miners look like perfect Chaos Dwarf candidates. And that horn could be a blunderbuss. Hehe.

Nice Dwarf guys, sucks that there won’t be a plastic box set. :confused:

Hashut’s Blessing:

So, they scrapped the plastic Dwarf character kit then? Still, I might have to get me some of those new heroes, methinks.


The BSB looks like a CD candidate to me, just add a new beard


It’s a good deal it saves you like $100 Canadian.

Uzkul Werit:

Those Black Orcs are beautiful. Much more mean that the metal ones!


How many character models are there for the dwarfs?

They must have over 20 at this point, good news for us CD lovers.

Uzkul Werit:

There’s three basic ones, two from Mail Order and the new three. So that’s at least eight.


Off topic really, but I thought the 6th ed dwarf engineers would be easy to convert into chaos dwarfs.

Lord Archaon:

I just love the Black Orcs.:slight_smile: I think with this guys come around no one will ever buy the Grimgor any more .This champion is better then any black orc hero.

About miners they are cool but i don’t think it worth to buy them for converting to Chaos Warriors.


Funny thing about that. That BLORK looks like Grimgor and is armed like him too (family resemblise). Anyway, GW did something totally right this time. This is the best idea with very pretty and good looking BLORK models. clapping, I’m soory, but the introduction of these models, I’ll include them in my army, even if its not the wisest thing to do.:cheers:0