[Archive] Dwarf Miner Plastics Pics (Pics of Sprues!)


As seen on Warseer.

It looks as though their arms are buried in the beards… :confused: Still could be cool to convert. :slight_smile:


Father Grumpmas:

What is that on top of the pony? - not the dreaded Steam drill (or is it a harpoon gun for land whales)


—Candles ON the picks? Those things are a little impractical don’t you think?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Hack, hack, hack, whoosh, darkness… I don’t like the look of what I can only assume is the steam drill. I prefer to think of it as being a heavy, but one, maybe two, person piece of equipment. The drill part doesn’t even seem to extend over the (accursed) pony’s head!


The bare arms will mean these will be excellent for converting [[Hellcannon]]esk Chaos Dwarfs. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see the break down of the sprue.


Wow, they have proper banners now!

The Flying Beaver:

Awesome set! If I wasn’t already overwhelmed with dwarfs I’d buy it!


A great box for slave bits. And, as a Mordheim player, I can never get enough lanterns.


Slave Miners. Heh heh heh. :slight_smile:

The Raven:

I like the old ones better…and I hate the pony…


the poly is like a message from GW, that say either “We like unit fillers! Here’s a free one!” Or "Chaos Dwarfs won’t have any new models for a while, so this box compensates and gives you 15 dwarfs, a bull centaur and a bit that can be combined with a cannon set to make a death rocket."


- Kyte


My only thought is that this is a sprue taken from the Mega Set, and the actual boxed set might not be like this… hard to say, otherwise, that is a lot of Pony.


Are held steam drill is unreal… love it!


If that Pony were only bigger… we would have had a box set of Bull Centaurs on our hands… what a shame.


If that Pony were only bigger... we would have had a box set of Bull Centaurs on our hands... what a shame.

pony centaurs?! :sick
i think you want to make the world laugh about CDs, heretic! :mad


no… that honor belonged to the big hatz…


no... that honor belonged to the big hatz...

yeah, they are stupid and funny, but cult like.... Manowar! :)

Hashut’s Blessing:

If you look above the pony (on the sprue) there is an arm that is holding a weird sort of blade. I’m wondering if that’s a possible version of the steam drill. The blade would spin of course.


Ya, that was pointed out on Warseer as well. Good eye. :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Why thank you. I am oft told I have a keen eye for detail (and just as often told I’m blind or deaf!). The conversion possibilities for the aforementioned arm seem quite cool.