[Archive] Dwarf Organ Gun into Death Rocket


This is my first attempt at modeling/sculpting.  The pics didn’t come out too clearly as my camera does not do macro very well.  This is the new cannon/organ gun boxed set.  I trimmed back most of the back bits of the organ gun, and left them open,  I carved off all the dwarf bits (the runes and faces)  and then started adding my white stuff to the ends… I wanted to sculpt faces around each one… to make it as if daemons/chaos dwarves were spitting out the rockets.  I used the cannon shells and nails to craft rockets modeled after the bazuka ammo (just larger).  I added horns to the bald dwarf, and made the cannon plunger into another rocket that is about to be loaded into the launcher.  There will be 1 empty barrel when I’m done and a launching rocket with flames shooting out the back  and the rocket advanced out of the tube.  

I’m pretty happy with the way the launcher faces came out… with teeth going all the way around each barrel.  I’ve sprayed the crewmembers and the launcher and will be painting it tonight or tomorrow.



multiple barrel death rocket… sweeet!!!


SO the Launcher is completed, now I have to work on the missiles and the crew!



I cannot recognize much details but what I can identify looks quite cool! :wink:

Now I’m eager to the crew finished and hope you will post better pics! :cheers

What is your next converting project? :o



Once I finish with this rocket I am going to convert some blunderbusses from the BFSP thunderers. I want to make them more 3rd edition, and add heavy armor to them. I am still trying to figure out how to do that… I also am thinking about adding the heavy armor to the Death Rocket crew. I just haven’t quite figured out how I am going to do it yet. My goal is to have the crew finished by this weekend though! I also am going to borrow a better camera!


I borrowed a camera with a better macro function.  Here are the painted faces again.  


And then I added the missiles (The symbols on them is the Eye of Hashut… It is the theme of my army: The eye of Hashut is upon you!)


and my attempt at flaming smokey stuff shooting out the back as the missile is launching (this is not painted yet)


And thus ends my first conversion project!!  (I consider the juggernaut a complete build HA!) :o

Here are the crew-members (as the Death Rocket requires only a crew of 2 I’m thinking I’ll use the Chaos Dwarf with the clip board as an Archane Engineer, or Daemonsmith, or similar…)  only real modifications were extra armor, and the horns…


Here is the finished flames/smoke shooting out the back as the rocket launches!


Another shot of the missiles!


The whole gang!


The Crewmen are cool guys! Like especially the horned one with the Hammer! :cheers

The only thing to criticize is the smoke of the Death Rocket. The smoke looks much too artificial! :~



You should really have a play around with cotton wool. I’ve seen many examples of rockets with some of this wrapped around the wire as smoke and it generally looks good. You’d need to repaint the nail white.


The nail is the shaft of the missile still exiting from the barrel of the launcher. Yeah looking at it in the pics it does look a little off… on the mini itself not so bad… I’ll try to touch it up some… how does cotton wool hold up over time?

Kera foehunter:

Great !! i love it ! the gun barrows with the mouth rules!!


very nice work! Keep it up! :hat off


Ahem! :wink:



Ahem! ;)


Wow! Incredible!! is the smoke/fire just green stuff? ... ok, ok, so I need another 4 barrels! ha!