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This is my first post on CDO, but as this is THE premier CD site, I figure what better time to register and make a post then after this past weekend? I’m a long time member of the Warmonger Club in NYC, regular tournament goer and multi-GT winner, and with the Indy DoC book approved, I assembled and painted this army over the last few months with my eye on bringing it to the Conflict GT.

Well, the Conflict GT was held this weekend, and I went 4-1 for the tourney and finished in 2nd place (for the 2nd time in as many years at this event. “Bridesmaid” was good enough to qualify for the GW Invitational event they’re holding in 2011, so I consider that a major win. The army scored somewhere in the Top 3-5 in painting out of the 85 participants. As you can see, I went for something less traditional, and put my own unique spin on DoC with the colors while keeping the more traditional basing scheme.

Every CD model is a pre-big-hat era 80s Chaos Dwarf model. The Hobgoblins are the 5th edition / big-hat Hobgoblins, as are 2 of the Bolt Throwers. The other 2 are the old Imperial Dwarf bolt throwers. Here are the pics, so judge it for yourself! Hope you all enjoy.

The first picture is the army on the display. The army consists of 2 Blunderbuss units (made up of CD Xbows as well as a mix of all the CD weapons teams), 1 Warrior unit (each model in the unit is completely unique), 2 Demoneaters, 3 Inferno Golems, 4 Bolt Throwers, 3 units of 10 Hobgoblin Archers, a High Priest, 2 Demonsmiths and a BSB.

Closeup of the Warrior unit:

A Blunderbuss unit:

Whirlwind and Tenderisers:

Closeups of the Inferno Golems:

1 of 3 Hobgoblin Archer units:

And finally, my 4 Characters. The red-eyed purple cloak is my High Priest, the back guy is the BSB, and the 2 flanking Heroes are my Demonsmiths.

The event was great, though as each one passes here in the Northeast we�?Tve come to expect nothing less, so I wasn�?Tt surprised at all! Aaron runs a good event, and I�?Td recommend it to anyone looking for a competitive room and a great bunch of guys.

- Larry

Pyro Stick:

Thats an excellent collection. How many mm90 crossbowmen do you have!?!?!? I thought i had a lot lol. You have a very unique and interesting colour scheme. I dont know how well the colours go with chaos dwarfs but the models are still well painted and the colour scheme is well executed. I think the red skinned hobgoblins look great.


Welcome to CDO Larro!

really cool amry you got there, the colourscheme is crazy!! :o

your definitly not afraid to stand out of the crowd, I can tell. :slight_smile:

Love it!

the dude behind the mortar looks insane! my favorite.:cheers


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Welcome! Wow! That’s quite a collection!

The colour is something different compaired to what colours people usually choose.


Like always mentioned in the Chaos Dwarf Discussion Threat:

Great brilliant army! :hat off

Really unique colour scheme! :cheers  I like it! :smiley:


Gar Shadowfame:

i would like to that Larro for joining CDO, having such devoted player with tournament mindset is a real pai…pleasure.

1 Warrior unit (each model in the unit is completely unique),
now that u mention it i find it amusing.


I want your army, it rocks!! oh and welcome (:

Looking at your mini’s there is this general thingy, are you by any chance 30+ Just wondering (:


Nice, Love the color scheme… always a fan of purples! the shading is great… and Awesome work on the inferno golems, using the tenderizer arms on them really ties them into the army! And I was trying to figure out how to tie in the dwarf on his steamroller… you got it perfect! Kudos on the awards… Well done!!!


My compliments for the achievement in the tournie. It’s great somebody support the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs like you!
Maybe one day GW will recognize our efforts to keep us alive.

Being a modeller more than a gamer I want to tell you I like your colour scheme: it’s original and really merge your unique collection of models together. It stands up really nicely on a gaming table.
My only suggestions:
some of the models, expecially the bigger ones like the inferno golems, needs more shadings. Colours are a little bit flat. A couple of washes could really help to add depth and dull down a little bit that bright turquoise.

I told you these because I really appreciate your army and I’m an annoying perfectionist :wink:


Very, very cool army. What were the inferno golems made of and do they work well?

Congratulations on 2nd place! Great work!


Border Reiver:

Larro - that is an awesome looking force. No wonder it did well - well painted armies always fight better.


Beautiful army and good paintjobs. You really executed them well!!! Welcome aboard and congrats for your achievements!

It’s a pleasure to see such a beautiful army all in one go ^^


Sweet army. Saw it over on TWF too. :slight_smile:


Top work with a lot of classic minis. As others have said the colour scheme is top notch. I love the inferno golems but I can’t believe you pulled apart a tenderiser to make them!?!


Welcome, and the congrats. Nice to hear that our race preform well in the tournament scene, for a change.

You have a great collection of real Chaos Dwarfs - with quite a few rarities in there as well. Looks expensive :wink:

And like the others I find you choice of colours rather intereasting. Not what we se every day - but it looks great and very well excecuted :hat off

Father Grumpmas:

That is a fantastic looking force - the paint job is great.

Well done! :hat off

Da Crusha:

congratulations, cool looking army. I would really be interested to hear about some tactics you used or the armies you faced. how did your deamoneaters do?


Wow! now that is a colourful army!