[Archive] Dwarfs V Dwarfs


So I’ll paint a picture for you all here.

Imagine the Warhammer Dwarf empire completely out of the context of their actual history and that they were beset by minor armies but largely untroubled.

Imagine also the LOTR Dwarf nation were also relatively untroubled.

Imagine these two nations were on the same world and were within campaign distance of each other. Some bitter feud starts and only war will end it


Who would win in a protracted campaign?

I was watching a video on youtube discussing this, and the general opinion seemed to be that the LOTR Dwarfs were more numerous but had generally a lower quality of warrior.

Also the Dwarfs have access to black powder weapons and more tech.

So would it be an easy war to predict the outcome?



Warhammer is in many respects Lotr maxed up. Everything is more numerous, bigger, badder and better equipped and grudgier than it ever was in Tolkien’s world. The answer is simple. The Dwarfs would win over the Dwarves.


Are you factoring in the War Pig though? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My money is on Warhammer Dwarfs; rank and file they’re probably evenly matched, but when you factor in the black powder, rune smithing, etc, there’s no way Middle-earth Dwarves could win. Not to mention the fact that even at the height of their power, Middle-earth Dwarves couldn’t even deal with one Balrog whereas at the height of theirs, WH Dwarfs had weapons that could banish greater daemons.


Dwarfs killing Dwarves. Yeh. And then the Dawi Zharr turn up.


Maybe the Hobbit movie is a clue:

Dwarfs fight agains Trolls and lose.
Dwarfs fight against giant spiders and lose.
Dwarfs fight against goblins and lose.
Dwarfs fight against elves and lose.
Dwarfs fight against humans and lose.
Dwarfs fight against a dragon and lose.

Dwarfs would have lost against orcs as well, but they were to fast fleeing :wink:


Warhammer Dwarfs would win in both magic and technology.

Warhammer dwarfs have flamethrowers for combat in cavernous dwarf mountain keeps.

They have air superiority (freaking bombers!) when doing battle outside.

They have cannons and organ guns.

And the Warhammer Dwarfs have magic runes that can have pretty powerful impact on the battlefield.


How strong is mithril compared to gromril do you think? Just as rare imo. I think mithril would have the edge due to weight.


How strong is mithril compared to gromril do you think?  Just as rare imo.  I think mithril would have the edge due to weight.

Mithril would be the strongest. A strenght 5 or 6 troll hitting a toughness 2 (Frodo is a weakling) with a spear. The mithril took that hit with no problem.

That would properly kill an ironbreaker.

I would also think mithril is rarer than gromril. We encounter 1 mithril shirt in hobbit+lotr. Gromril is pretty standard for warhammer dwarf characters and iron breaker.

The mithril would must likely stop a thunderer shot. But it's not much help against a flamethrower, steamcannon or bomb.


Attitude itself gives victory to Warhammer dwarfs. They are every LOTR dwarves tropes pushed to the extreme.
Imagine Gimli facing Gotrek. He would probably see him as a grotesque parody of himself.
LOTR dwarves would see Warhammer dwarfs just like Warhammer dwarfs see CD.