[Archive] Dwarven list or CDwarven list?

Warwolt the engineer:

Im going to get started on a 500pts CD army from the BFSP box… One problem I have tough is that I don’t know wheter to play CD or Dwarves? I guess its easier with CD as the list is free, but do you think CDs can do themself as dwarves?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I have Dwarfs that I can use as CD OR normal Dawi. <—Answer; solved!


Use them as both… that way when you come across an annal so and so who for some unknown reason won’t let you play CDs you can whip out the boys as normal Dwarfs…

Cheers, Mont


Lord/Hero = Lord/Thane

Sorcerer/Lord = Runesmith/Lord

Warriors = Warriors

Blunderbussiers = Thunderers

Death Rocket = Cannon/Organ Gun

Bolt Thrower = Bolt Thrower

Earthshaker = Grudgethrower

Bull Centaur = DoW Heavy Cavalry

So apart from Greenskins and Mounts, the list is pretty much accounted for.


To add to the above, it is only Hobgoblins that can’t be used in the Dwarf list, although even they can be DoW.

I wrote an article on it a while back before the Dwarf update, but most of it is still valid. See the bottom of this page:



Yea you can easily switch. Karak Norn are suspected of worshiping the dark gods, so they would be acceptable as dwarves.

Hashut’s Blessing:

When did Karak Norn start being suspected of worshipping the dark gods? But, I consider the magic items of the dwarfs to be perfect for our daemonbinding, if that’s what you’re into.


who would be so annal to not let someone play a 100 percent legal army list

thad be like someone saying im not going to play because you are using dogs of war

or chaos


i infact do use the dwarf list for my chaos dwarfs due to the pdf not being good enough, i lose my earthshaker and taurus, but i gain MINERS!

Kera foehunter:

i buy another box set there cheep and you can have both armys. and look at all the goblins!!!


Athough i use my CD as CD with mates i want to use them in tournie play next year as i live in UK so will make suitable changes to field as Traitor dwarfs.

CD converted gyrocopter

CD alter pulled by 40k jugger as anvil

will start work in jan on these but have the parts:hat


Bear in mind that most CD are very resistant to mutation, which means that most CD probably look pretty much the same as normal Dwarfs.

In other words, feel free to use them as both (and save yourself some money).