[Archive] Dystopian Legions


Hi guys and gals,
even if the evil stunties will stay my first love I stumbled over this game and couldn`t help myself.


Just ordered a starter pack of the Empire of the Blazing Sun. Nearly went for the prussians but someone else went first and the upcoming tanks and the fact that I never did an asian focused army before swayed me.

The game is set between skirmish game and army games like 40k. Focus lies on the squad level and in lower point levels it seems to be a rather quick and tactic centered game.

ATM there are four factions:

Empire of the Blazing Sun
Federated States of America
Kingdom of Britannia
Prussian Empire

Rules can be downloaded here!

Have a look and perhaps someone else is interested, too.

Happy painting!


Havent tried it, but I do like Dystopian Wars. Great models at least!


I know of it, and I know it will spawn a bunch of beautiful miniatures…

Might buy some, but I’l probably never play the game…


They do look very nice but i couldn’t do justice to that sort of detail and probably won’t be going there . Besides no one around here has ever mentioned doing any dystopian stuff.


Their tankettes seem like a good basis for a fire daemon conversion


dystopian wars is great… i thought about starting a prussian army but there is no one to play around here. The Same problem as nearly every other tabletop besides WHFB, 40k and Hordes/warmachines has is the lack of players and tournaments


Just got the starter for the Empire of the Blazing Sun! Great value for your money, 13 minis of about 32 mm scale (2 Officers, 8 Ashigaru with specialist, 3 Ninja types), rulebook, markers, cards, dice and so on, and it is ready to play for the lowest possible games (100 points).

Started to build them all yesterday after finishing my work for the BSL and am into painting the core Ashigaru troop.


I’m quite tempted to buy into this myself, but I’ve been “a good boy” so far. So many good games have come out the last 12-18 months and it ain’t stopping. And should i actually start another period I think my next big purchase will be the Osprey/Northstar VSF or the West Wind one. But Godslayer’s sure looks good as well :~


Know what you mean, but at least the starter sets are not too expensive. What it did for me was the Tank sketch (Last one on that side)!