[Archive] earthshaker(2)

Rock Bottum:

when a unit is effected by the eartshaker half movement , does that also counts for charging

ex. a unit moving 8 is effected and now moves 4 and charge 8?

and fleeing persuing?

Thommy H:

It definitely affects charging and marching. There’s some doubt about how it works with fleeing and pursuing. I generally play that it has no effect (like terrain), but some people halve the dice roll and I know one person around here takes the halved movement to determine whether affected units roll 2D6 or 3D6.

Gar Shadowfame:

Rules wise most appropriate is halve Movement value, and anything that derrives from it. So for flee/pursue move halv M and see whether it is 2 or 3 d3, but since you only halve M value if movement is described as “move unit X inches, or up to X inches”, then this distance is not halved like distance unit might move with Unseen Lurker spell.

The Brain:

The rule as written state “any troops within this distance in inches from the center of the template move at half rate in thier next turn and may not shoot missile weapons.” There is no FAQ on this that I know of, but it clearly states the turn not a specific phase of the game. At my local GW store it is always played all movement. Sometimes it is a good thing when you can catch you oponent when they flee half of 2 D6. Other times it sucks when that big nasty unit of swordmasters doesn’t flee off the table because they only went half, rally the next turn and chop you face off. The most important thing, no matter how you work it out, is to be consistant.

Gar Shadowfame:

heh it is sligtly different in Indy book, wchich is very likely to become turney legal in most places in due time

The Brain:

The indy book really funked the earth shaker, part of the reason that I am not fond of it. It seems like the writers of the Indy Book were really pushing the Hell Cannon over the earth shaker.

Border Reiver:

The idea was for a consistent radius of effect for the earthshaker.

black hammer:

The problem with the consistant radius in the indy book is that it’s usually much shorter than if you rolled 2d6.

Hashut’s Blessing:

black hammer: maybe so, but it’s also still often more. Besides which, it was chosen for its ease of application using one of the templates. Using a template is easier than trying to measure each time. Simplicity was the idea and it’s proved effective.

Gar Shadowfame:

Indy shaker is very cheap though.

Da Crusha:

maybe so, but it's also still often more.

Hashut's Blessing
not by a long shot, the RH earthshaker had an average radius of 7", the IGT one only has a radius of 2.5 inches. so you would only have a bigger affected area with IGT rules if you rolled double ones on the RH rules.

I agree with brain, the earthshaker sucks now, I don't think I would ever include one in an indy gt army list.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Da Crusha: Ya know, I was randomly thinking that the 5" template had a 5" diameter, hahahaha. You’re completely right. Still, it’s purely so that people have the ease of using a template.

I think it sucks, but only compared to what we’re used to. Compared to a normal stone thrower, it’s excellent. It can slow up to about 4 units (closely packed, I’ll admit), which they can;t do. We’re just used to it being able to stop 6 or more units. So, it’s downpowered, but it was too good for it’s price to begin with :wink:

Da Crusha:

it's downpowered, but it was too good for it's price to begin with ;)

Hashut's Blessing
thats true I guess I got spoiled ;P.

Hashut’s Blessing:

We all did. Fortunately, we still have the official rules in Ravening Hordes that give us the uber range with the too-cheap pricing :wink:


As far as the IndyGT ES… I totally Agree. I believe the effect radius is ludicrous. 2.5" is basically useless… The Death Rocket is a far superior choice to it any day of the week.

As Far as the RH ES… Locally we run is as such

Compulsory Movement: Halved

Remaining Movement: Halved

Charge Movement: Halved

Flee Movement: Halved

Pursuit Movement: Halved

Effect Friendly Troops?: Yes, Same as above.

Steam Tank: Each Steam Point allows 1.5" of movement and counts as a Warmachine to fire. (engineer cant fire pistol)

Effect Ethereals: No

Effect Flyers: No, (I totally disagree with this ruling but alas im not the final word on such things.)