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I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they’d rather take TWO earthshakers than one unit of centaurs.  I must be missing the latest CD codex, becuase the one i got off of the UK site says nothing about the 2 for one deal like you get with bolt throwers.  Plus, when you think logically, there’s no way it would be balanced to get two uber war machines (even if they are essentially stone throwers which is BS-they should be cannons) for one rare slot.  Can someone clarify?

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What they meant was probably that they would prefer to use 2 Earthshakers before 1 Earthshaker and 1 BC unit.


they mean in 2000 that theyu’d rather have 2 shakers than a shaker and a unit of centaurs, personaly i think there crazy but hey, it’s not my place to say me being a new chaos dwarf player

Uzkul Werit:

Bull Centaurs just get shot up too easily. They don’t have the armour to do the job that they should be doing (running down and killing stuff) and the only way to offset this is to take them in large numbers. Like a big unit of ten. But this is far too costly in money terms.

And two Earthshakers really are that good. They allow you some degree of control over the other army!