[Archive] Eastern Stunties vs. Western Stunties, 2000 points (LONG REPORT)

Lepreh Khan:

My list:

-CD Lord on Taurus

Black Hammer, Armor of the furnace, Shield

-CD Hero

Great Weapon, Armor of Gaz

-CD Hero

Enchanted Shield, Sword(Axe) of Might, Heavy Armor

-CD Sorcerer lvl 1

2x dispel scrolls

-2x 24 Warriors w/ full command (One hero in each)

-19 Blunderbusses (Sorcerer went here)

-2x 15 Hobgoblins

-30 Hobgoblins w/ LA, Shield

-10 Wolfriders w/ LA,Shield, Musician

-2 Bolt Throwers

-1 Death Rocket


His List (It was illegal, I found out after the fact):

Lord w/ ShieldBearers

Thane w/ Oathstone

Runesmith w/ Great weapon

2 x Dragon slayer

2 x 20(?)Warriors w/ Full command(I think they had Great weapons, not really sure though)

2 x 12 Thunderers

23 Hammerers w/ Full Command

Grudge Thrower w/ Engineer, Brace of Pistols

2x Organ Gun

Deployment: The board looked something like this:


“” = Hill

“()” = Forest

“DWR” = Dwarf Warriors w/ Runesmith

“DWT” = Dwarf Warriors w/ Thane

“HM” = Hammerers (with Shieldbearer Lord)

“DS” = Dragonslayer

“TH” = Thunderers

“GT” = Grudge Thrower

“OG” = Organ Gun

“LT” = Lord on Taurus

“CW1” = Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/ Hero 1

“CW2” = Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/ Hero 2

“HS” = Hobgoblin slaves (Vanilla hobgoblins)

“AH” = Armored Hobgoblins (hobgoblins w/ LA & Shield)

“WR” = Wolfrider Hobgoblins

“BT” = Bolt Thrower

“DR” = Death Rocket

“ES” = Earth Shaker




And Deployment was like this:








The Dawi Zharr started off the game:

Chaos Dwarf Turn 1:

The hobgoblins had mixed emotions upon seeing the western dwarves. The armored hobgoblins dared not to advance towards them at all, while 1 group of slaves and the wolfriders rushed forwards without command to meet them (rolled 6’s on animosity). The entire front line pushed forwards, marching resolutely towards their western cousins. So speedy were the wolfriders that they managed to hide behind a hill! The Great Taurus flapped his mighty wings and hid behind a great thicket of trees, waiting for the right opportunity to ambush! He ordered his warmachines to open fire on the dwarves. The Bolt Throwers took aim at the hammerers, spearing three of them in one shot! The Earthshaker landed on the group of warriors directly in front of them, killing several and shaking others to their knees. The Death Rocket aimed for the grudge thrower, but miscalculated and landed in the grass in front of the hill.

Dwarf Turn 1:

Trying to recover from the effects of the Earthshaker, the dwarfs reformed their lines and fired their war machines at the advancing enemy lines. Only the Dragon Slayers were on the move, looking for things to kill. A group of thunderers spotted the Great Taurus through the trees and opened fire on the beast, hitting his hind quarters and angering him. The Organ Guns opened fire, but one misfired and almost jammed itself completely. The other took down some blunderbusses, but they held with a firm resolution for revenge. The grudge thrower landed short, causing no damage.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 2:

Again, the Chaos Dwarf line pushed forward. All hobgoblins gained confidence in their masters and followed orders exactly. The Wolfriders scaled the hill to survey the battlefield and plan their advance on the right flank of the dwarves. The Great Taurus flew behind a group of Dwarf Warriors protecting a thane and spewed fire from his mouth, killing 3 warriors and a crewman from the Organ Gun. The Bolt Throwers cut down more hammerers, and the Earthshaker overshot a group of Warriors.

Dwarf Turn 2:

The Warriors on the right flank advanced forwards away from the Great Taurus, opening a gap just wide enough for the Organ Gun to take aim at the massive beast. The Thunderers wheeled slightly to face the great beast and they hoped to shoot him down. The Dragonslayer attempted to charge the Wolfriders, but came up just a bit short. The Thunderers on the Hill let loose a volley of fire, injuring a few blunderbusses in the process. The Grudge thrower took careful aim and Landed a stone directly on the First Chaos Dwarf Warrior group, killing 6 of them in the process. The warriors held their resolve and reformed the ranks. The other thunderers opened fire on the Taurus, causing another wound on the beast. The Organ gun tried to do the same, but the gun jammed and exploded! The other Organ gun shot down a few more blunderbusses, and the dwarfs waited for battle.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 3:

The Chaos Dwarf line advanced yet again (almost to the battle). The Wolfriders charged headfirst into the Dragonslayer, hoping to cut him down. The Great Taurus, infuriated by shooting, decided to make the Warriors and Thane pay for their opposition. The thane, sensing danger, dropped his Oathstone and the dwarves gathered around it to prepare for the oncoming Taurus. The Blunderbusses opened fire on the other Warrior group, killing 3 in the hail of shrapnel. The Bolt Throwers hit their mark on the warrior group as well, spearing more straight through. The Earthshaker landed on a few warriors, and the death rocket landed on a few thunderers as well as one of the grudge thrower crew. Finally, the combat started. The wolfriders found themselves outmatched by the Dragonslayers skills, and one of them died on the charge. They decided to attack the slayer from multiple sides and stay in the fight. The Lord and his Might Taurus cut down 6 dwarves, but they held fast around their thane and the oathstone.

Dwarf Turn 3:

The Thunderers charged the massive Taurus to aid their brothers on the Oathstone, knowing that it would probably lead to their demise. The Hammerers charged the slaves, and the slaves decided to flee as a reaction. The Runesmith advanced with his warriors to get ready to meet the Dwarf line. The second Dragonslayer advanced on the Armored Hobgoblins, but was not in charge range yet. The remaining Organ gun cut down 5 Blunderbusses, but they held under the pressure. The Grudge thrower managed to kill 2 more dwarf warriors. The thunderers and warriors bravely defied the Taurus, but he was just too much for them. He felled another 6 warriors before they could even raise their axes against him. The thunderers, realizing now just how grim the situation was, decided to break for it and left the battlefied. In a spectacular feat, the Dragonslayer killed one of the wolfriders, took his wolf, and began cutting the other riders down! So startled were the wolfriders that they tried to flee, but the Dragonslayer was able to kill all of them off (including the wolf he had taken control of) before they could make a decent retreat.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 4:

The fleeing slaves rallied, and they advanced with their brothers up the battleline, a little too close to the dwarves. The first warrior group pressed forward towards the hill to cut down the thunderers, but couldn’t quite reach them. The Armored hobgoblins spotted the lone Dragonslayer and stood dead in their tracks, fearful of the little dwarf. The bolt throwers opened fire on the hammerers, but only managed to get through 2 dwarves before the bolt stopped. The earthshaker barely missed the left Warrior group, but managed to quake the ground enough to disrupt their movement and the organ gun. The Death Rocket spotted the lone Dragonslayer and packed a special rocket for him. Unfortunately, they packed it too tightly and the machine exploded. The Taurus continued to cut down the Warriors, until only 4 of them remained to guard their thane.

Dwarf Turn 4:

The Hammerers Charged into the slaves, and the slaves held their ground in hopes of stalling them for a turn. The thunderers charged from their hill into the Warrior group, hoping to gain the advantage on them. The Dragonslayer charged the armored hobgoblins, while the other Dragonslayer advanced slowly towards the Taurus. The dwarf warriors and the runesmith wheeled to face the Chaos Dwarf warriors, ready to charge them in the next turn. The Grudge thrower tried to hit the blunderbusses, but missed. The Organ gun misfired again and did no damage. The Hammerers unleased their fury on the hobgoblins, and the hobgoblins attempted to flee before them. So speedy was the advance of the hammerers that it led them straight into warrior unit 2! The other slave group panicked and made a break for it back to where they came from. The thunderers didn’t do much to warrior unit 1, and so they remained in combat. The Taurus only managed to kill 3 Warriors, leaving the thane and the Oathstone. The three of them tried desperately to fight the demon bull, but could not gain the advantage over it. The Dragonslayer was severely outnumbered by the armored hobgoblins, so they stayed locked in combat.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 5:

The slaves continued to run, and everybody else was in combat. The bolt Throwers opened fire on the Dwarf Runesmith and warriors, killing a few, and the Earthshaker overshot the Organ gun. The Blunderbusses advanced on the Runesmith, and let loose a hail of bullets, but failed to wound any of their enemies. The first Warrior group got the best of the thunderers, and cut them down in their retreat. They managed to come into contact with the Grudge Thrower and laughed at the three there to guard. The Taurus managed to kill thane and smash the oathstone to pieces. Warrior unit 2 and the Hammerers duked it out and came to a tie. The hobgoblins remained in combat with the Dragonslayer.

Dwarf Turn 5:

The runesmith and his warriors charged into the flank of Chaos Dwarf Warrior unit 1. The last Organ gun tried to kill the Taurus, but misfired yet again! The Hammerers bested Warrior Unit 2, and managed to spook them to the point of retreat. The second warrior unit was cut down in their retreat. The other warriors duked it out with the grudge thrower team, leaving only the engineer to guard it. The Runesmith and his warriors failed to wound their enemies, leaving everybody locked into combat.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 6:

The Lone Dragonslayer taunted the Taurus, but the Lord laughed at it’s futile attempts to draw his attention. The great beast smashed through the last Organ gun, leaving nothing intact. The Blunderbusses charged into the flank of the Runesmith’s Warriors. The slave group ran past one of the bolt throwers, and the crew decided to run for their lives as well. The Bolt thrower and Earthshaker opened fire on the Hammerers, killing a few but not enough to put them under half strength. The warriors battle bravely, both holding under the pressure of battle. The Armored Hobgoblins and Dragonslayer continued to duke it out, and the hobgoblins managed to wound the little dwarf.

Dwarf Turn 6:

The Hammerers advanced towards the earthshaker, knowing that they would get there eventually. The warriors fought in combat yet again, and stayed in the fight. The Dragonslayer and the Armored hobgoblins failed to kill each other, and were locked in perpetual combat.

We ended in a draw. It was a fun game overall. He had 4 hero level characters and a Lord, so his list was illegal, and I probably would have won if it hadn’t been for that. I had 60 points over (I miscalculated the cost of the armored hobgoblins), so I let it slide. I forgot how much I hate Oathstones and unbreakable units. If my Wolfriders hadn’t rolled a 4 when retreating, I probably would have eventually bested the dragonslayer and swept through his battle line quicker.

I love the earthshaker! I’m thinking about switching the death rocket out for a DoW cannon though. I had nothing decent to kill his organ guns. I was lucky that they misfired 5 times in one game! He got lucky by my horrible leadership/flee rolls, so I think that it evened itself out.

-Lepreh Khan

death bringer:

dude great detail good work

ps why didnt u use magik

pss upgrade lv1 to lv 2:hat off


How was his list illegal? The Dragon Slayers? Too many points?

Nothing obvious to me.


only general can have oathstone


The Dwarf player had 5 heroes in his list. He went over by one hero choice.


You don’t have to be a general to have an oathstone, even a BSB can have one.

I didn’t think to count the number of heroes! Smacks head!