[Archive] Eat my brains!


or something like eat my brains.

anyways, what im doing is working on a d12 based zombie adventure game, basically where you create your character that is actually you, and you have to solve the mystery of the whole zombie thing. i know its nothing new but i want to try and combine my gaming/miniature obsession with my creative writing hobby, in a way of creating fast paced but story driven games.

obviously i want everyone who ever plays to be able to create themselves, based pretty much on their job or hobby, so i what i want to know is what do you do, and if zombies came along whilst you were doing it how would you stop them.

the only things i am not considering are anything directly combat related, such as martial arts/police/military. this is not through any bias, but it would make the characters uneven in skills and abilities/equipment etc etc etc.

so . . .how are you going to stop me eating your brains?


My own RPG is based on the d12 what made you decide on it?


i am a beer vendor. since i work at lambeau field it gets cold. and as we all know, the human body is 80% water. considering the packer game last week saw beer freezing solid in 20 minutes, i would let the zombies freeze, then go about removing their heads at my leisure, probably by using the ice choppers that we use to shovel out the stadium.


My own RPG is based on the d12 what made you decide on it?

i think its mainly because with a d20 or d100 you get too much variation, and im not really going to have such a complicated experience system or stat gaining system. plus i got 60 of the off ebay for £1.50.

malificant - i can imagine you having o deal with zombie bret favre's bullet passes lol, would make quite an interesting situation lol. "still not gonna wear a glove now punk?" chop chop chop