[Archive] 'Eavy metal Earthshaker on ebay


What do you all make of this?

I could believe they’d just give them away (depending on who this seller is), because they are just gathering cobwebs in warhammer world.



didn’t something else get put up on ebay with exactly the same spiel a while ago? On thinking a bit more wasn’t it the same item.

Fuggit Khan:

Abecedar is right, this (and the 'Eavy Metal Death Rocket) has been listed twice before on ebay. Third time maybe is the charm? The seller used to work for GW back in the day and he’s here on CDO as well, which is where it was originally posted if memory serves me…I’d love to have it for nostalgia sake, but too pricey for my Scottish genes


I could push the boat out for a bid as it currently stands but the buy id now is too rich for my blood.

Thanks for sharing




yes the seller posted something some time ago… insane prices I think

He also had the eavy metal sorcerer

Time of Madness:

Yes as the others have said, he hasn’t been able to sell the items yet. Prices are just too high unfortunately :frowning:

Time of Madness