[Archive] [EBAY] 1980s Chaos dwarfs (inc. whirlwind, artillery etc.) and BB team



This week I’ve listed almost all my beloved Chaos Dwarfs from the original 80s range. I loved these, but I can’t justify the cost of building an army with them these days. They’re truly fantastic, characterful miniatures and I really hope they go to someone who collects and paints them - which is why I’m posting on this forum in particular.

Items for sale by corvidmayhem | eBay  

There are some Chaos Dwarf Renegades, lots of D3 miniatures, a whirlwind, swivel guns, a mortar and a bazooka.  Next week I plan to post my Marauder Chaos Dwarfs and the rare siege cannon.



Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

Thanks for the heads up :cheers