[Archive] eBaying some Warhammer+Mordheim stuff (inc. CD Death Rocket)


Bidding starts at 99p for each item plus postage:

Items for sale by overtyranthragged | eBay


Dwarf Lord with pistol

Drunken Dwarf

Bugman’s Rangers Champion

Long Drong’s Slayer Pirates

Vespero’s Vendetta

Halfling Hot Pot

Kislev Kossars command

Empire Gold/Metal Wizard (a few editions old I think)

Empire Wizard (6th edition)

Empire General on Barded Warhorse

Empire Warrior Priest with great weapon

Frightened Empire Soldier

Dark Elf Sorceress

Dark Elf slave girl

Bretonnian Sorceress

Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket

Marauder Giant

River Troll

Chaos Ogre (2 headed)

Blood Bowl’s Morg 'N Thorg




3 Sisters of Sigmar

Countess Marianna Chevaux

Witch Hunter

Warrior Priest

Witch Hunter Zealot with axe

Witch Hunter Zealot with sword

Witch Hunter Zealot with mace

I’ll be adding more stuff over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for looking! :slight_smile: