[Archive] Eddize Izzard to run for MP?


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Do you have a flag?


Not much different than the jokers that currently fleece the subjects in her Majesties Government.I like the guy But wonder whether the Queen will be jealous :o


I’ve vote for him :slight_smile:


I heard this on the radio last night they where doing an interview with him and it came up, i have to say i would vote for him if he did run for MP

Pyro Stick:

Im sure my girlfriend would love this news. And i would probably vote for him as well.


I would definetly vote for him, apparently he ran through my town (Barnsley) last week shame I missed him ><


mutters something about Atlantic Ocean and distance

I want to see him live…


I can see no possible way that this could be a bad thing. He’d get my vote!


As the article says he won’t run for a while, two to three terms time at least. I spoke to him about it a while back and he hasn’t got plans for a particular seat as far as he’s letting on. I think any CLP would leap at the chance to have him as thir candidate. He is actually very, very hot on issues so its not just a vanity thing.


As long as he debates in French at least once.


As long as he debates in his god-voice at least once. I’d actually watch a political debate like that.