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Alright, as you all know I’m choosing a new armie…  Im considering elves, what race of them would you say is over all better? Wood Elves, High Elves, or Dark Elves? I’d also like to know your opinion on witch ones are over all cheeper.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Well, since everyone is unaminous in hating Wood Elves, I’d say that those would be a good chioce! :smiley:

(Hating as in hating to play against.)

However, if you want to pick High elves, then you can get the lion chariot and use a lion to make a Lammasu! :smiley:


Fluff wise for me: I always though Dark Elves was the coolest. High Elves I dislike the most.

Figure wise: I love the Dark Elves line of minis, in my personal opinion they far outclass anything the the High Elves or Wood Elves have (HE dragon being an exception perhaps). Especially when they get to the DE 2nd wave. I find Wood Elves have some of the worst figures.

Game wise: I enjoy the Dark Elves the most. They are a very flexible list and can be built to suit your play style. They have good rules, and can compete very well. Unlike the other tier 1 armies (VC, and especially DoC) it is easy to make a fun, fair, balanced list with them. Wood Elves just annoy me.

I guess I just like the Dark Elves when it comes to the Elves. The other Elves I just feel the need to smite!


Even though i dont like elves as a rule, i would agree with Swiss and go for Dark Elves, just because of the reptiles :cheers

- Warplock


Yes! They do have good reptiles… for a MAGIC BANNER! :stuck_out_tongue:


Though the Cold One Knights are amazing sculpts, they blew me out of the water and still do.


I love some of the dark elf stuff, like whitch elves. Ifthey ever brought the cult of Slaanesh back I would be there instantly. Wood elves I would play very high forest spirits…like entire army. High elfs are …well i dont know, I cant think of a way to play them thatwould interest me right now. so dark elves you should play them.


From a gaming perspective, I would say Dark Elves offer the most fun. You don’t have to ponce about hiding in woods annoying everyone for a start :slight_smile:

Theres also lots of themes you can go for (you can tell I’m starting DEs too :)):

A Cult of Slaanesh. Even without the CoS list, you can still make a Slaanesh-themed list. Simply model your DEs in Slaaneshi gear, your Witch Elves as Devoted etc.

Corsair Raiders: A Black Ark raiding force, with Lokir Fellheart, Corsairs, Shades and Dark Riders. You could convert up a Sea Dragon as a Hydra.

Army of Har Ganeth: A classic Khainite list, with Cauldron, Executioners, Witch Elves Hellebron and Assassins. Check out this army for inspiration:



Army of Karond Kar: Monster list with lots of Cold Ones, 2 Hydras and a Dragon.


Thanks everyone… I’m chosing between VC’s, WE’s, and DE’s.


They are all ok. Pick what you like.


honestly, i think they are all cool. One cool fact about the WEs is that they almost all have bows.

U need to state what style ur going for. If you want a versatile army go DE/HE, if your nuts about tons of troops shooting tons of arrows go WE.

Elves are all going to be cheap, and the style of army you will play is another factor in price.

Kera foehunter:

Elfs??? aren’t they the same as gnoblers?? a group of ankle biters?? But i heard they make great slaves. Well all guys like the dark elves * kera gives a wink * I know why

i say the high elves would be my pick!!


High Elves= Best magic ever. ^^

I love them, they just are a bit prickish…


The Slann laughs at your High Elf magic.


I like all the elves, but I like the colour schemes in wood elves (by season) :slight_smile:

Border Reiver:

Elfs??? aren't they the same as gnoblers?? a group of ankle biters?? But i heard they make great slaves. Well all guys like the dark elves  * kera gives a wink * I know why i say the high elves would be my pick!!

Kera foehunter
You like androgynous males in long flowing dresses?


You have to look at it this way.

Dark Elves…

1. Hatred. They get to reroll misses first round of combat against EVERYONE! That alone is a bonus.

2. Some fear causing units. Cold ones. Yeah they are stupid but on LD 9.

3. Hydra. Terror causing and regenerating. Nuff said.

4. Magic. Some powerfull magic in the hands of a good player.

High Elves…

1. Always strike first. Now who can argue with 11 St 5 attacks from swordmasters going first regardless if they charged or not.

2. Magic. I don’t really even need to say anything about their magic, but it is AWESOME!

3. Lion chariots…sweet.

Wood Elves…

1. Shooting, shooting and more shooting.

2. Forest spirits. Dryads and treeman are cool and have ward saves. :slight_smile:

3. Speed. They are just as fast as the rest of the elves, but people tend to play them a little different. They don’t any real hard hitting units so they must use speed to their advantage.

4. Wardancers. These guys can really ruin your day.

Overall it really depends on your style of play.


Nah, its more like this:


1. HERESY!!!

Mighty hashut’s wrath upon all of ye sinners! Be proud of your beards!

The inquisition is watching…


Oooh, classic decision problem snafu. You haven’t defined the weight of the different aspects, cost/looks/cheesyness etc…

Basically both WE and HE are good armies all round. DE however is a top tier army.

In normal circumstances HE and especially WE will struggle against the newest armies. DE will go on an even footing, might even have some edges.

Of the three elf armies I’d say DE, HE, WE. The arboreal pansies will be less effective against their more civilized cousins.

Looking at the cost WE and DE will be cheaper, lots of plastic where as much of the good HE stuff is metal.


High Elves are an army that is supposed to be good at everything, but that seems to translate into an army that can’t do anything well once you’ve balanced it.

Dark Elves are super popular right now-- unbelievably so where I am, at the local hobby store everyone was playing Vampire Counts, Dark Elves or Chaos until the Lizardmen came out.

Wood Elves, by the rules, are a pretty cool army, but their model line is ancient and so they haven’t been given the most recent make-over yet.

If you want to start right now, I guess you may as well hop aboard the Dark Elf wagon. But by next year or so, I’d suggest Wood Elves.


but their model line is ancient

How long have you been playing? :) Seems like just yesterday they were released to me.