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Somebody used the dwarfs from there?

Look good in reality?

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These are the old Grenadier Dwarfs made by Nick Lund!

Great minis! :hat off

I use them for my “normal” Dwarf army.

More of these old Grenadier Dwarfs are released now by Mirliton Miniatures in Italy!

Here is the link: Mirliton Miniatures



They look great. They are wonderfull for stocking up a fast dwarf army with crossbows and axes. I used them as a base for the torso for my boar centaurs. I would recomend using them.


I wrote to them and they sent me pictures (in larger format) of their plastic dwarves.

I do not like them, but maybe only this photo (painting) is no good …

Maybe you have some diffrent photos of this minis?

Anyway, thanks for the reply:)