[Archive] Email notification not working?


I’m not receiving email notifications for private messages or topic subscriptions despite having it set up. Just me or a site problem?


Wierd. I receive them!


I receive mine. Yet I had to kinds of trouple with it and ‘not getting’ them as a result.

1. due to a high amount recieved they ended up in my spamfilter. have had to notify as not spam thrice with google.

2. I’'ve swiped them away / ignores them. And my email program puts all of them in the same ‘thread’ due yo the same email title. So didn’t recieve them until I found mail number 1 deep in my inbox and opened that.

And sometimes they are just delayed a bit.

hope it helps. :hat off


I’m not getting them either even though I get mail.


I have changed my email address and confirmed it to see if it makes a difference.

PS, bloodbeard33 you should have a message :wink:


Switching my email over to my gmail from my hotmail has worked for PM notifications at least.

Not sure if it’s a hotmail prob, or if i had a validation problem when i originally set my email address to hotmail.


I also receive mine…


My email notifications are nearly always delayed by several hours.


I never even recieved my email when i first registerd in the forum for get the account info, psw and stuff.

I had to find the guy who made the vids of the CD conversion from skullpass box on youtube and talk to him.


I’ll notify Swissdictator.


Yes, the email notification is not working at least for some of us. I’ve been a member for years, but lost the ability to log in back in 2014. Since then I’ve been relegated to just reading the ‘Today’s Posts.’ I’ve not been able to post, participate in competitions, or download anything. Neither the reset password or create new account options managed to deliver email to either of my valid working email accounts.

I was unsuccessfully trying to download Thommy H’s AOS CD warscrolls and finally had enough. I found a post on YouTube where David gave out his email to someone else with this problem. Kudos to David for the quick help in getting me back into the site.

I don’t know what you can really do about the problem if the BBS is getting blocked by a lot of email clients, but hats off to David C for coming through to get me back into things here. Much appreciated.

:hat off


Timothy Archer:

It takes me one year before being able to register here…hehe

Many failed attempts

Hashut was testing me �Y~S


I had the same problem with registering. It took me to email one of the staff here to register my account for me and I’m still not getting any notification and because of that i can’t fill in my email for this account.