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Still standing:

Good afternoon team,

I write today reference your Chaos Dwarf line.

As we all know the Old World died, Archaon and Astragoth drained the Dark Lands of Dawi’Zharr to fuel the invasion and destruction of the World-That-Was. However, not everything died. You have an amazing opportunity to add to the lore of the most interesting race in Warhammer. Before the Warhammer Forge project was put on hold (or scrapped) you guys obviously agreed that the Dawi’Zharr were worthy of attention; the Tamurkhan book is probably the best thing published by GW since the Realms of Chaos books of the early 90s.

I have seen the effort GW main have put into the War Scrolls for their existing / old races, and understand why they are such slim volumes. However the Chaos Dwarves deserve much more. They are unlikely to ever see a full publication again either by yourself or GW main. What I would like to see is an electronic document, such as GW main publishes for their eCodex on tablets. This could include already published lore from the original Army Book, your Legion of Azgorh background from Tamurkhan, as well as a brief overview of how they survived, what became of Hashut, how they fit into the new Age of Sigmar background and their current relationships with the Chaos Gods, mortal races and specifically their un-corrupted cousins.

In addition to background such a document would obviously need the rules themselves. I would love to see a full Chaos Dwarf army list, including regular Chaos Dwarf troops (as opposed to Infernal Guard), which would include units from the original book. It would only take a few unit entries to allow the creation of a wide range of army styles. Add Chaos Dwarf Warriors (Hand Weapon & Shield, Blunderbuss (remove Blunderbuss from Infernal Guard), Great Weapon), Mortal Artillery (basically the same as Skaven weapons teams), Sneaky Gits (infiltrating Hobgoblins with 2 hand weapons), Immortals (elite Warriors, Magic Hand Weapon & Shield or Great Weapon, Chaos Armour), Acolytes of Hashut (lightly armoured (for Dwarfs) troops acting as body guards for Sorcerors). Oh, and maybe Black Orc mercenaries.

Obviously there is no need for this to be completely altruistic, and there is still a large population of loyal Chaos Dwarf players who would buy this, as evidenced by the active community on Chaos-Dwarfs.com.

I am led to believe that the Warhammer Forge sculptors were secunded back to the main design studio to help with Age of Sigmar and I expect that this project is nowhere near complete. Despite this, are we likely to see more movement with the Warhammer Forge side of the business? Many people have been waiting for years for the last elements of your Chaos Dwarf range. Blunderbusses are a small conversion part for the Fireglaive kit, which I imagine were made years ago, and we saw early pictures of the K’Daai Destroyer. Was this ever completed, and will we see it?

This was quite a ramble, but I look forwards to hearing your response!


Craig Biddulph.

P.S. When are we likely to see the FW hostile takeover of the main design studio?

P.S.S. Get casting K’Daai Fireborn, I’m putting a big order in next weekend!

Still standing:

A reply within 30 minutes. I think that’s a new record.


Hi craig,

thanks for the email. It made for an interesting read. With regards to your question "Despite this, are we likely to see more movement with the Warhammer Forge side of the business?"

The Forge World studio are currently working on Warscrolls for the entire range of models that we currently sell. They will launch these for download as soon as the whole range is ready. It’s taking them a bit of time because they want to get it right!

As for future Warhammer releases through Forge World, we haven’t been given any future information right now. The next Forge World open day will be announced soon, and with that always comes a glimpse into the future. No doubt any future Age of Sigmar related info will surface their first.



Wait, FW sculptors working for main studio?? That’s news. Any specifics on that?


Interesting response!


Wait, FW sculptors working for main studio??  That's news.  Any specifics on that?

Umm, I don't think it says that - what it says (at least how I read it) is that the Forge World guys are working on scrolls for all Warhammer Forge miniatures and that they will be releasing them in one go rather than as they're written.

Still standing:

When discussing Warhammer Forge with the guys in the FW store in WHW I was told there are still guys specifically paid as Warhammer Fore guys, but they’ve been secunded to the main studio for AoS.  That makes a lot of sense to me.  These projects take a couple of years start to finish.  When did we stop seeing Warhammer Forge stuff?  2-3 years ago.

Still standing:

The most worrying part of heir response, for me, was “that we currently sell”. FW have ceased production of some fantastic kits, such as the Toad Dragon and Land Ship, and it would be a crying shame not to get rules for the .


Argh… that means no Destroyer and no hobgoblins on the table. I love my hobgoblins! Not happy.


Argh... that means no Destroyer and no hobgoblins on the table. I love my hobgoblins! Not happy.

Well if playing AoS, you could field goblins, night goblins, gnoblars or whatever else you'd like as hobgoblins. Perhaps they'll put that in the list in the back of the compendium.

Hobgoblins = Goblins (OnG)

Could do the same with wolf raiders I guess.


Yep, AoS is the age of field whatever you like.

If you want Hobgoblins just get the Goblin warscroll.


Personally I’m over the moon that after four editions my hobgoblins can finally have spears!