[Archive] Emblem of Hasut?


Hello fellow Dawi-Zharr.

I have a pretty important question for my army.

Does Hasut have a particular emblem, symbol, rune or something in that direction?

Cheerz, Chaos-ThaneWill


Oh yes…

This would be the first place to look

Although others have been designed as well. Some fans have also made small tweaks to the design and look, which are far nicer than the blocky look of the original.


Pyro Stick:

Theres also this new symbol that warhammer forge use:

Apart from small runes on the mm90 mage and the inside of the infernal guards shoulder pads thats all there is i think.

Blue in VT:

Check out this link for a description by our own Xander: Rune of Hashut



EDIT: Damn…NICO beat me to it…hahaha


I think we should teach this critter how to spell. His mangling of our revered saviors name is a blasphemy. And no legal council about fat dwarfy fingers as a mitigating circumstance will be allowed.