[Archive] Emissaries - From the Great Emissary Exchange


Post pictures of your miniatures from The Great Emissary Exchange here.

You’re welcome to post pictures of your own work, pictures of the miniatures you have recieved and group shots of all you emissaries together.


Great, I get my foot in for the first reply :-).
Pics will follow!

Six emissaries leave the tower of Rhan Ghanor in the dark:

and in the light of day:
Emissaries to Zanko, Bloodbeard, MadHatter, Abecedar und one hobgoblin to Fuggit Khan. Emissary to Kera is still with me.
The emissaries carry messages from Zarrek the shadow born to his fellow sorcerer-prophets.


Emissary Engineer / Slave Overseer for TheHoodedMan

Emissary Hunter for Zanko

Emissary Headtaker for Herby

Deathrocket cannoneer emisary for Fuggit Khan

Daemonsmith Aviator Emissary for MadHatter


The Emissaries for Herby, Madhatter, Bloodbeard, TheHoodedMan, Abecedar, Carcearion:


Fuggit Khan:

Emissaries from the Eye of Hashut tribe to Abecedar, MadHatter and TheHoodedMan

Emissaries to Admiral and Bloodbeard

And emissary to Ravenswood