[Archive] Emperors Custodians

Knight Of Awsome:

anyone have any ideas about making a 40k custodian army. I’ve looked at scibor`s minis and the ones hes made( don’t want to make them look exactly the same):



Any ideas, suggeston or suggested plastic parts would be a big help!


I would suggest using High Elf heads on a Grey knight body with shields from the armored elves from the LotR line (scale might be a problem).


yeah i’d agree with above, they are silver helm lances on there too, looks good. That scibor is certainly controversial but I like most of his stuff.

Rolljordan did a great “Emperor” mini, might be worth seeing if he has any left (I’m painting mine at the moment).


I was half expecting to see pics of old dudes pushing around yellow buckets with mops wearing gray overalls with a topic labeled such as this. :slight_smile:

zorn sabretooth:

aren’t this the guys who clean up when the emperor has a accident;)


My brother has converted a lot of them a while ago, if I have access tomorrow I’ll post the pics!


I remember there being an article on them for the US site. Now that all changed I’m not willing to go find it.

But there are a few GW sites that still host some images…none I found in English.



Land Raider


Okay, enjoy!:cheers

He has more (larger Jetbike type and power armoured squad) but I couldn’t find piccies!

Knight Of Awsome:

Wow!, thanks for the pictures guys. I have seen first set of pictures ( i had to hound for them too). But the set from Obsidian were cool, makes me think… what if i could do the Emperors Custodians as chaotic renegades custodians, any ideas?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

what if i could do the Emperors Custodians as chaotic renegades custodians, any ideas?

Knight Of Awsome
Utter blasphemy. The only thing less possible than a chaotic Grey Knight is a chaotic Custodes. These are the best of the best of the bestest. There is no way one of them would betray the Emperor.

The pictures in Razzick_Khan's links are from a Black Gobbo issue. Alas it seems GW US no longer has the Black Gobbo, at least I can't find it anymore. :(


White Dwarf had a big feature on a custodians army a couple of years back, they all seem so use Tyrus from Inquisitor as a dread base.

Heres the main man from my custodians force (also avail on my blog o’ everything kids…)

Knight Of Awsome:

I have found some leads that may prove you wrong Mr.Cinderhat:cheers

Some leads:


Some models:




None of this contradicts Ishkur. In terms of fluff you WOULD NOT get Chaos Custodes. It just wouldn’t happen. Full stop. If you want to design something with a similar look for Chaos go ahead.