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Hi Guys, I have played with Empire for more than 10 years, but just a few weeks ago I ended a personal project, 1 wizard for each lore of magic, please take a look below…

Fire - The wind of Aqshy

Metal - The wind of Chamon

Light - The wind of Hysh

Heavens - The wind of Azyr

Beasts - The wind of Ghur

Life - The wind of Ghyran

Death - The wind of Shyish

Shadow - The wind of Ulgu


vary nice set, my favorite is the lore of heavens one.


vary nice set, my favorite is the lore of heavens one.

Thanks,,, Lore of heaven was originally painted for my brother´s bretonian army,, he supossed to be Merlin... the miniature itself is pretty damm coll (nicodemus-Mordheim)


These are really great. I also have an empire army (as well as a CD one). My favourite would have to be the Fire Wizard. great work on the flames.

The Stormchild:

They look very impressive all stood together like that.


Very nice, and good use of the AHQ and WHQ Wizards… they’re some of my favourites :wink:

Well done!

I’ve been trying get my hands on Nicodemus for a while via eBay and always seem to get outbid. Grr