[Archive] Empty bulk e-mails?

Skaven Lord Vinshqueek:

In June last year, I received two empty e-mails from the CDO mail adress. At that time, I put it towards being a glitch, but having received one today, I started looking back through my mail archive and it seems I received one in February as well… Is this supposed to happen?



When you say empty, what is the title of it? Is the content blocked?


I got the same yesterday. Blank subject, no body text.


Do you have this box checked in your options:

‘Notify me by email when I recieve a new Private Message.’ ?

I have a feeling it may be linked to Willmark’s pm, but I didn’t get the email and I don’t have it checked. Just a thought.


I didn’t get an email at all (although I set mine not to send me email when I get a PM). Did any other members get one who has settings like that?

Time of Madness:

I got an e-mail today or yesterday from CDO about mordheim. Maybe that was the e-mail you were suppose to get?

Time of Madness


I had an email too. Second time it happend and evertime I’ve got a ‘spam’ PM from Staff - lol. So I guess that what’s tricked it.


I got one too it went like this from: CDO Forums Mailer


Skaven Lord Vinshqueek:

Do you have this box checked in your options:

'Notify me by email when I recieve a new Private Message.' ?

I have a feeling it may be linked to Willmark's pm, but I didn't get the email and I don't have it checked.  Just a thought.

Yes, I have this box checked, as with the 'receive mail from admins' option.



It is a bit confusing I must admit, not really sure what the answer is.  The confusing thing is whether it is linked to the pm or not.

It’s not entirely related (necessarily), but we could consider upping the minimum post count for bulk emails.  I’ve only sent one, and I had the limit at 50 I think???  Could have been less.  Anyhow, if we did make it 50 you wouldn’t have got it.

That’s only if it is separate from the pm, which I doubt it is.


I’ve looked in AdminCP, the reason I and other staff may not have got it is because only immortals and Dawi Zharr may have been checked.  Also, the boxes to send pm or email are right next to each other.

So it may have just been by accident, but if it is happening every time we send out a bulk pm, it’s a problem with the forum program.

There is a way we can test this actually. Willmark could do what he normally does, but we have the minimum post count limit at 1000 and see what happens. That wouldn’t involve too many people.


Same here. though I got 3 empty mails from a friend f mine who’s no member here: probably a new virus someone is sending out :s

Had it a few months ago on my hotmail: someone who copies your name and sends it to friends in your list…


Looks like it’s anytime we send out a bulk one it generates another blank one… Hrmmmm