[Archive] End times - scaring the life out of me


This has probably been bought up in several threads but cant access the archive on my phone.

I have been out of the loop of warhammer for about 4 months - new baby - what is going on with warhamer?

I know the end times rules means you can have 50% lords and 50% heroes - I must admit tha I hate the idea of this - to me warhammer is armies going to war, not who can pimp out their 800point daemon prince the best.

what worries me more is the rumours that I am hearing - warhammer going skirmish based so models on round bases? Getting rid of a load of armies?

Is this the end of the game? Is this where they start moving us all into 40k?

I must say, a few people down at my club are suggesting that they are going to look at 9th and if the rumours are true, stick to playing 8th edition.

Also is the Nagash book any good? I know you cant actually get it now as it was limited edition (?) but was I a good story?

This thread is probably a familiar one as I said. I really am not moaning, I do like change to adjust bent rules but I am genuinely worried about what is happening to my hobby.


Yup. Lot’s of threads. Welcome back and congrats on the baby! Universe changing experience right?

I’m gonna quote myself from another thread. But first: We don’t know anything about 9th, timeline for it etc. Fuck rumors. End Times is freaking cool - more on that in a post ehen I have more time.

The quote:

This is why I drop my cookies during a discussion like this. There is too many rumors, too much “GW certainly will” and zero to no sources. And when we have sources it’s often to another forum, linking another forum. Some of the prophets making accurate guesses on future releases might even be GW employess - they are brilliant at creating hype!

The End Times discussions has generally been nice, because they’ve been backed up by pictures of white dwarf magazines.

So FW are dropping whfb all together?

Red Skullz
Not by any official decree or message. FW has stated in lots of emails and on games day (or whatever it’s called now) that Warhammer Forge is on hold. It’s on hold because everybody is working on Warhammer 30k and the Horus Heresy. And they have also stated that Warhammer Forge is on hold until the Horus Heresy is complete.

So: Warhammer Forge is not dead, closed, dropped by any official word yet. THey actually launched that Lizardman Dinosaur thing during the hold.
Still, the point is that (contrary to what was said above) AIUI all the Army Books will be invalidated in 9th Ed, so there’s no chance whatsoever that Tamurkhan will still be valid. And if it were, why would they stop printing it?

How have you to come to understand that all armybooks are invalidated when 9th comes? Bring a source to the table please.

Regarding Tamurkhan.
Q: This brings me onto my third question, about the range and book itself. I’ve just noticed the book is now going out of production, will this invalidate the Legion of Azgorh as an official army?

A: The Tamurkhan book is not being reprinted as we need to see what happens with the End Times being released by Games Workshop.  this doesn’t invalid the Chaos Dwarf list at all.

Odatria and FW
What I do know

9th edition: No one knows what changes there will be to 9th edition and no one knows when it’s gonna be out. There has been “9th just around the corner” rumors for years. And they have turned out to be 40k, Space Hulk and End Times in stead.

Army Books and armies: I have a friend working at GW in Copenhagen and they don’t know anything either. The only thing they have a clue about is the next release - and only just before the Website puts in a “pre-order” option.

They call Nottingham many times a week asking the following questions, from concerned people not wanting to expand or start certain warhammer armies due to rumors: “Will this or that get dropped in 9th?”, “Is there time to make and play a new army before 9th messes it up?”, “Will End Times officially kill off some stuff?”  

The answer everytime: “Collect all you want. Nothing is getting dropped or made illegal.” People are still sceptical though like: “Orion is dead in the End Times!” - the answer is "This End Times Battle takes place just before Tyrion kills Orion - use him in your pure Wood Elf list."

And in GW Copenhagen CDs are allowed still and in End Times campains and games.

Anyone having any official sources saying something different, please post or link them.

The End Times: My friend says they have never had so many warhammer players gaming in the store - normally it’s the 40k boys taking the scene. New people are getting into the hobby - because something is happening and armies are cheaper.

New stuff, scenarios and games are being played all the time. The finally evovling story in Warhammer inspires people. “let’s try this”, “let’s try that” and people can suddently ally in new and cool ways.

And the Named Character stigma/taboo is dying and they are finally being used more.

My guesses based on the above

Pure guess, asumption and not based on any sources.

9th edition: I don’t think GW is rushing anythin because End Times is a gold mine and is creating hype and new warhammer hobbyists. End Times has updated the FAQ for 8th in a major way. I expect more FAQs to 8th (like magic). This updates the game. No need for a 9th edition right away and can test out what brings new people to the hobby.

One thing is certain though. End Times is doing something right - and that will have influence on the future of Warhammer in some way.

Forge World and Warhammer Forge: This would be the perfect time for FW to start Warhammer Forge again. Making Heroes for the End Times. People are spending a lot on money on super sized characters anyways. Cool army specific Lore of Undeath necromancers for example. Are they gonna do it? I don’t think so. 30k is still better money and taking all capacity.

CDs and the future: I don’t believe that all army books are gonna be illegal/dropped - to start completely from scratch. I don’t believe 9th will be radically different (like those skirmish game rumors). 8th was pretty different from 7th (horde, steadfast, two rank fighting, everybody hitting back, better magic) - but I don’t believe in much bigger changes than that (as in from 7th to 8th). The fluff and history might evolve a lot - sure.

So I really can’'t see why LoA wont fit into that whole business. Let’s say “unit strength” gets back as an example - it’ll be easy to figure out what or guys have by comparission to others and we are in the clear.

The fluff turns the darklands into even more of a wasteland - no one can live there! Well I tell the story of how my CDs have imigrated to the Chaos Wastes. Just as wood elf players don’t buy in to the “all elves are one!” fluff and run a “we are nationalist seperatist” theme on there army - despite the fluff now bein something different.

Sources for this? None. Just my own reasoning. And then this last word from my buddy at the only GW store we have in Denmark:

“I can’t imagine any changes being so big comes 9th - that people can’t play their old armies at our store or in our campaigns.”

Then for fun I asked about Ravening Hordes and if it’s still official despite lack of an 8th FAQ.  He said

“If somebody wanted to play CDs by Ravening Hordes in my upcomming End Times campaign, I would suggest LoA, then flip through their booklet and let them.”


Thank you, like my dad checking the closet for monsters when I was a kid, you have put my mind at rest for the time being at least, cheers mate.

Oh and yes - parenthood! suddenly seeing just how scary the world is! lol